Friday, April 15, 2011

I wish I had thought of that....

I'm not sure who has been hanging around this here blog for however long, but back in the summer I jetted off to the Windy City to see my oldest friend lose her mind (she got married, bwahahahahaha). I don't get to see her very often, so our main way of keeping in touch is Facebook. I was perusing my updates last night, when I saw something delightful. Next to her name was the update "My attempt at being crafty..." and the accompanying photo just happened to be THIS:

She made herself a spring wreath (complete with adorable butterflies!) after she read about mine. Here's where I'm jealous--she couldn't find Fun Fur in lime, so she bought a boa instead and wrapped that around it. Do you have any idea how much time that would have saved? Or, to be more accurate, do you have any idea how much time that would have saved my mother? You did a fab job, Angela. I love that we have matching front doors even though you're a few states away now (instead of a few blocks). I love the internet!

I'm off to catch up on some reading...because I've got a diaper bag to get crackin' on tomorrow. My motivation is that I'm not allowed to quilt anything until it's finished, and I found an adorable backing fabric so I'm really excited to get started on my little treasure. Wish me luck! And see you soon--I've got one final Easter craft to share with you and it's a half woohoo/half ugh kind of thing. You know you're curious :)


  1. Oh, isn't it nice to have a real life friend who's also crafty? Even if she lives far away. I'm guessing one state alone is many times the size of Singapore! All my "old" friends don't craft. The ones who do are my new friends. I tried to convert one of my oldest friends into crafting. But I noticed that everytime I say anything crafty, her eyes glaze over.

  2. I do like the boa idea - though can you imagine wearing that colour round your neck or as a trim on your dress...?! Er, me neither, so your friend has doen us all a huge favour by putting it to very good use ;-D Plus it looks great! xo



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