Sunday, April 3, 2011

Squint and tilt your head....

Happy Sunday! I've had a nice productive weekend--sewing, crafting, of those weekends where you feel like you got something done.

Here are a few crafts I worked on last weekend (I just need to get pics of what I made this weekend and then I'll share--they're super cute and easy).

First up--remember my circle scissors? My idea was to try and use the technique for making paper globes and make a few Easter eggs. People with math brain may say something like " can't take a circle...something about surface area and angles...oval...won't work...geometry mumbo jumbo...pi..." but all I would hear is "pi" and think "Oooo, pie" and that's where that would end.

My first thought was that if I made an extra center band it would elongate it and it would look like an egg...

It's kind of eggy...but kind of not. My mom chuckled and said "That doesn't really look like an egg." My dad said "I think it does...if you squint." In my head I thought "If I do it again the same way it will look better" (what's that definition of insanity?). I noticed that when I glued 4 circles together instead of 5 it had a pointy I thought "Ooo..eggier." So I made them the original way but using 4 circles for the top and bottom and 8 for the center band. Interestingly (and probably mathematically obvious to math brains) it made it more ovate:

See? It's smaller and a bit eggier. So I continued on this way. It cut the circles to glue together in half so these flew by. I strung them up on some ribbon and hung them by the kitchen window:

Not ideal, but fine by me. Besides, I realllly just wanted to use my circle cutter.

Next up--I thought I was a rock star. I like working with felt and I like making garlands/buntings/whatever they're called). I thought "What can I make that's cute and slightly tacky but very easy?" So I decided on Peeps garland (the bunnies--not the chicks). I would sew them to a ribbon for more stability and use puffy paint for the eyes and it would just be awesome. I can't draw, so I was going to use a template for the bunny. While I was searching, I saw who had already made this. That would be Dana from Made. I was glad to see that I was on the same track as her as she is a crafty superstar in the blog world. Her template was way too large for what I wanted so I shrunk it to 60% and it was perfect. I was going to stuff mine, but I'm glad I didn't--after sewing all the bunnies together (I made them two-ply) I wanted to punch something I was so bored. It came out cute though and I dig it:

That's all I've got for now. I'm going to go snap some pics of my latest bag while the light is still good. The sun actually came out today--woot!

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  1. I like those little "peeps" bunnies. I used some like those in a craft. They are such a great easter decoration! THanks for sharing!


  2. The peeps bunnies are so cute! I really like the eggs too:) Saw you on Craftomaniac!

  3. You have been a very busy girl!!! More pics please!

  4. Super cute bunnies! I've made 2 of the garlands and am doing several more! They are just adorable. :)

  5. LOVE your Peeps banner! So cute!

  6. The Peeps banner is so fun. I can see my kids really enjoying that decoration in our Easter home. I actually love the soft pastels of the papers you used on your eggs. I am sure our readers would enjoy your crafty suggestions if you were interested in linking up to our Show and Tell feature!

  7. The peeps banner is awesome! I would be thrilled if you stopped by my Commercial Break Thursday at and link this project!


  8. Your Peeps Banner is darling. Love it! You were patient to sew each bunny. I can't really sew so I probably would have just broke out the hot glue gun. :0) Fun ideas & I look forward to looking at more of your blog. I found your blog for the Weekend Wander.

  9. Adorable! Love the peeps! Thanks so much for joining me at Anything Related!

  10. I like the peeps as well - they are great! Thanks for sharing at Fantastic Friday.

  11. Those little bunnies are so cute!

  12. So pretty. And i love your cute bunnies ^^) thanks for sharing, Bethany!



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