Friday, March 16, 2012

Apparently rants work. And I like fresh eggs.

So apparently to get packages delivered you need to rant about the post office on your blog. I walked in the door last night and there it was - right on the dining room table.

As though to make up for it the entire bolt of fusible fleece I ordered (I figured I used it ALL the time so I may as well have a bunch of it on hand) was delivered right on time. The postie had to make TWO trips for the regular mail and that. Wait until he sees the other one (fusible woven interfacing - again, something I always use) that's coming tomorrow. That's what you GET, for making me wait two extra weeks for my itty bitty bubble mailer. That's not right, I shouldn't blame the mailman, it's not his fault. But I'm doing it anyway.

I took the afternoon off of work so I am going to go sew. Or knit. Something crafty. A guy I work with gave me a bunch of fresh-laid eggs (popped out of the chicken this morning) and I scrambled one up for lunch. OH. My. Word. It was the greatest egg I've ever eaten. My dad laughed when I said that but it truly was. I'm going to try to convince him we need to raise a few chicks for the fresh eggs in the pretty colored shells. Today's egg was from a Bantam and was a pretty shade of tan. Nommy nom nom. And if you're all "Whaaat? You've never had farm fresh eggs?" Nope. Never.

That's it for now. I was deeply concerned that YOU were deeply concerned about my mail and my lunch, so I just had to share. Have a glorious Friday, and I'll see you shortly!


  1. Deeply concerned! So glad it's all turned out alright in the end - shocking story! :-D You're luck that your rants work, they fall firmly on deaf ears over here... Have a great weekend, enjoy crafting and eating eggs ;-) xo

  2. Farm fresh eggs also make the most wonderful Pound Cakes... and anything else you bake with them!

  3. Heh, now our eggs are always tan coloured, so that excitement would pass me by, but the ones my mum and dad get for me in their fish shop and bring up when they visit are far nicer than the supermarket ones.

    Glad the post came in the end :oD

  4. If you're that excited about farm fresh eggs, you ought to try first born eggs.

  5. Glad to hear your post offices woes are working out for the best, I enjoyed reading your rant! Farm fresh eggs are the best! I'd love to raise some chooks but I think my cat and dog might have a different view on that. Anyways just thought I'd pop by and let you know I love reading your blog (I am just not a big commenter sorry) so I have awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award, feel free to check it out.



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