Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be the Change

"Be the change you want go see in the world." I try to keep Gandhi's words in my mind when faced with tough decisions, injustices, what have you. And lately, with all the political hullabaloo, Kony2012 chatter, and other things, there seems to be a lot of extremism, anger, and hatred. This can really wear on the old soul, y'know? The constant back and forth of who thinks what and how that's the only way people should live, and belittling other people's thoughts, opinions, and feelings ties my stomach in knots. I'd love nothing more than to have children, but when I see the way the world is trending and how people treat other people I have second thoughts. Hell, it breaks my heart every day when I think of my nephew being out there in this world. I don't know if I could get out of bed or let go of their hand if it was my own kid.

I try to keep things chipper here, for the most part (I hope it comes across that way) but I watched a movie trailer tonight that made me cry (the full-length film will give me heartache for sure), and I thought it worth sharing (you're welcome :) Everyone either is/was a bully, has been bullied, or has seen it in action. I can think of very few things more terrible than for a child to go to school each day knowing the terrible things they may face, just because they are who they are. What are we teaching our children that they think this is OK? Where are they getting this behavior from? I am in no way innocent--I'm sure I took part in some teasing, but I was also on the receiving end. But bullying today is a whole new ball of wax. It doesn't stop with a few poking words. It's now about the sticks and the stones, literally. And sadly, suicide. CHILDREN are ending their own lives because of the brutality of others, when they are just trying to go about their business.

For some reason, enjoying learning (dare I say 'being a nerd?') is a reason to be bullied. Being too short/tall/skinny/fat is a reason to have threats cast upon you. And heaven forbid there is any kind of disability, physical or otherwise. The world is a scary place. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the days were a little less scary for the children in our lives, or that they were taught to have respect for other people and the dignity of a human life? I think this is one cause we can all get behind.

Here's the trailer (in case it doesn't show above). They want to make this rated R because of cursing. This will cut out a HUGE portion of the population at which this film is targeted, but the MPAA cites "the rules." I wonder if anyone in the Motion Picture Association of America was ever bullied...or has been around the target age group who probably know more of 'those' words than I do... Here's the petition to drop the R rating from this film, if you're interested in signing it.

Now returning you to your regularly scheduled programming...


  1. In Singapore I've noticed a growing group of netizens whose sole purpose is to write negative remarks on the facebook wall of politicians or online pages of media. Some of the more influential online netizen pages often lead the attacks. I feel very afraid of what Singapore will become when my kids become adults. Have we become such a unforgiving society? Taking potshots and not taking real action to benefit the world we live in?
    Bullying takes place at craft markets where I sell too. It all boils down to dollars and cents. Some days I feel I fight the losing fight but I never want to give up.

  2. Sometimes I just wonder what happened, I'm 31 and wonder what happened in the last 15 years or so. I know harking back to the 'good ol' days' won't change anything, but things definitely seemed easier back then. I'm shocked by the changing world around us, and actually scared for my little boy, he has very obvious facial birthmarks and scaring, goodness knows what reception he will receive at school.
    Things like this film need to be seen, far to many people accept bullying as just part of life, but it shouldn't be. We have become too scared to stand up to bullies and we let practically let them get away with murder.
    I don't know the answers but making bullies accountable seems a good start.

  3. i know it is awful what goes on in our schools sometimes. a child in tenn. died last year because he couldn't stand being bullied



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