Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gettin' mavericky

Ahoy ahoy! Just popping in real quick to show you the latest wonky quilt block. Our QAL started again after a bit of a hiatus, but we're still on the wonky stuff. I made this block in about a half hour on Sunday morning, no lie at all. I do believe it is the quickest quilt block I have ever made, ever ever ever. Because, ya know, proper measurements weren't actually required. I had a beastly night of sewing the night before and needed something a little bit free in its structure. This was perfect. So here's my maverick star:

I don't know that I'm in love with the center red square, but I'm pretty sure I can get over it. I love how I didn't have to watch for points getting eaten by seams or any of that jazz. It really is quite freeing to just stitch without worrying about any of the usual.

I decided to really exaggerate the differently sized star points. I'm really wild like that. 

So that's that. Not much of a post, I know. But I must be getting to bed. I finished sewing myself a handbag tonight. Well, started AND finished tonight. It was delightful to have a bag project that didn't spread across several days or take up an entire Saturday. It's another thing off my list (I decided to butt ahead of everyone else on it). I'll share pics soon. Ta!


  1. I have been so stinkin' busy that I missed your past couple of posts!!! LOVE the Seuss bag! I!!! And your sewing space post...loved it! I used a portion of my living room for my sewing space at one time, when all of the kids lived here still. You what works!! Love your organized corner there, and it looks like you have all you need. I laughed at the pin problem. I have those same pins and they are sucky. But cute!! And your block is cute....I have not done random blocks in forEVER!!!! : ) Kris

  2. Great to see your quilt blocks back, this one is so quirky. I Love it! Can't wait to see it all together as well as your bag.

  3. I totally love improvvy blocks like this!



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