Friday, July 27, 2012

And so it starts...

I gathered my supplies. I found a comfy seat. And I snipped and stitched for a bit. And now I can officially say that I have started my hexie project. I have no idea what the end result is going to be, so right now I'm just enjoying the stitching.

I was originally tracing each one onto the fabric using a disappearing marker and cutting it out. It was a bit cumbersome and got a bit old really fast, so I took a rotary cutter to my pile and cut a bunch of 3 inch squares. All I have to do is trim the corners and sew. I suppose I don't even have to trim the corners if I don't want to...

I made a separate little sewing kit to keep with this project--some amazingly sharp scissors, a disappearing ink marker, needles and thread, and of course a gazillion hexie pieces. With the fabric thrown in it's a totally portable, self-contained project.

I was looking for just the right thing to keep it all in, but was having no luck. I had in mind a vintage cookie tin. Of course when I think up such things they very rarely exist in reality, unless they're a stupid amount of money on eBay or thereabouts. When I was in Joann's last week with my mother she walks up to me and says "What about this?" And "this" was just what I wanted. One of those pretty little boxes they sell that you think "But what would I use it for?" I love the lid:

It holds my fabric stack, supplies, and finished hexies just perfectly.

They zip along pretty quickly, but I know when it comes time to sew them all together it'll slow down a bit--the smaller stitches, the necessary precision, the stopping and playing with all the different pieces to get just the right layout. But for now I'm pleased :)

There are a few prints I cannot WAIT to add to the mix. I suppose I should start thinking of ideas for what I'll make with all these. Of course, little things like this I could sew forever with no purpose. Just like yo-yos. But one must be practical and stop oneself before they end up on the weirdest version of 'Hoarders' ever. Wouldn't 'Fabric Hoarders' be a great show? I'd tune in every week and, unlike the effect it's predecessor has on me, I'd be inclined to acquire MORE.

That's all I've got for now--enjoy your weekend! I'll be on the porch stitching away :)


  1. My hexie tip? Use rectangles, then you have 2 sides 1/4" each more than they need to be, and fold over the corner bits. It's how I whipped mine up so quickly :o)

  2. They are already so pretty! I'm looking forward to the addition of more fabrics and patterns from the hexagons. =)

  3. Looks already really lovely Beth! Those prints are so sweet!! Can't wait too for more hexies!!
    Enjoy your weekend:D



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