Monday, July 9, 2012

She Says Rosette...I Love You Very Much

Hello there! I am sans computer right now (it's in the PC hospital--aka with my brother in law Matt). I am slightly skittish of all technology at the moment, and as my only way to blog is on my dad's laptop right now I am doing so sparingly so as not to bring ruination upon his technology, as seems to be my knack lately. I feel like I am without my car or my sewing machine--I don't exactly know what to do without something that has become a "vital" part of my existence. Which is probably a pretty good sign that I needed less computer time.

So what have I been up to? Cutting up card-stock hexagons because I really do intend to make a hexie project this summer...Sewing in little dribs and drabs since I'm not feeling much motivation right now...Reading lots and lots. I have quickly come to see how owning a Kindle has the potential to wreak havoc on my credit card. I decided that every now and again it wouldn't hurt to read a classic, which I usually shy away from (and which are happily free of charge). So right now I'm working my way through Les Miserables...And let's not leave out the crochet.

A few issues ago Mollie Makes published the sweetest little crochet rosette pattern and gave a freebie hook and bit of yarn to make one. So I did.

It was cotton, and cotton tends to split on me when I crochet. So I pulled out all the teeny balls left over from my rainbow ripple and made another, just to make sure I really understood the instructions and didn't just get lucky.

Then I thought "I wonder how quickly I can make one." So I made another. And then another.... And then some more because they're just so stinkin' adorable!!!! Before I knew it I had an even dozen. And some matching leaves.

I had a little too much fun seeing how different colors would look grouped together. The great thing about this yarn is that all the colors seemed to go together with ease, just like in my afghan.

They work up to be the most perfect size. Perfect for what I do not know, but perfect just the same.

Even the backs are nice and tidy looking, and built just right for hiding those pesky ends.

I could have gone on and on and on. Soothing simple stitches, different bright colors, and twentyish minutes to finish one.

So now I have a question. What should I do with them? I just made them for kicks. I didn't have a plan, and I still don't. I'm so unsure of what to do with these I didn't even sew the leaves on. The magazine suggestion was a brooch, but I'm so in love with how all the colors look together that I'd love to use them all in the same thing.

Any ideas?


  1. If you have a retirement community nearby, I'm sure the older ladies would just love these! I know when my Gram was residing at one, things like this just made her day! Among all the belongings that she's had and lost over the years, it was the small gifts of love that she cherished the most.

  2. I would make them into Granny Squares for ah afaghan!

  3. Those are so cute! And I love all the colors together too... maybe you could sew them onto a pillow?

  4. Is there a way to fasten them onto a 'stick' or something and make a bouquet?

  5. Oh no...the computer is down! I would freak!
    The roses are adorable! I have a big bag of flowers and leaves I have done, and want to do something with them too. I have never bought the Mollie Makes magazine yet. Is it good? I would love to try this rose pattern too.
    A few months ago, the Joann's flyer that came in the mail had THE CUTEST beach cruiser bike, with a wicker basket COVERED in crochet flowers. I fell in love with it. I may do something like that!!!!
    Love it!!

  6. They are adorable. I was going to suggest the same as Helen. Then put them in a vase in your sewing room or any other room. Perhaps a garland too. Show them off, they're gorgeous.

  7. My first thought when I saw them was to attach them to a bed runner quilt. Oh it would look lovely draped at the foot of a bed.

  8. You are too clever! I got so confused at this pattern that I threw the mag across the room and made my own pattern up in my head. Can't believe you have made so many they are beautiful! I would do a mini blanket and have alternating squares with the flowers sewn onto the middles, or a big crochet or knit bag with flowers all over it, or a wreath for your wall like Lucy made over at Attic24,( the possibilities are vast. Look forward to seeing what you make. xx

  9. I looooove these flowers! I'm also doing right now crochet flowers to add to a crazy quilt clothespin ,in fact is the next project for my blog,but you can actually add these flowers to a cushion, make a picture, add them in a barrette...Those flowers are so beautiful that I would put them everywhere in my house.

  10. Those are so cute! I keep hearing about that magazine - do you buy it locally or do you subscribe? I wonder if it is carried in any stores here in the U.S.?

    I like the idea of turning them into a pillow... altho you may need to do some without the leaves for that.

  11. Love these, I'd pop them on some dainty bags and purses maybe? I've still not built up to trying my kit...

  12. So sweet they are Beth!! You should make brooches out of them! I so wish I had the patience to learn to crochet! I find it as well as knitting kinda boring! sorry (it's just my fabulous personality!!!)
    Hope you're doing good!!!

  13. As I said previously, I am making a crazy quilt clothespin and I have uploaded some photos on my blog using flowers that I have done in crochet, is another idea of what can be done with flowers, if you want to visit my blog this is the link with the project :

    I hope that is OK to put the link here

  14. Is there a pattern for these.....I love them.



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