Sunday, July 29, 2012


  • We just got back from a loooong weekend at my Grandma's house in Oakdale, which included our family reunion.
  • You can read more about such things from previous years here and here.
  • I am still in too much of a daze from the car ride to write a proper post.
  • I am way too introverted to spend 6+ hours in a car (twice!) with my crazy dog, my ten year old nephew, and my parents. Mostly with the nephew. And the dog.
  • Neither one took a break from talking, eating, and panting neurotically. You can sort out who was doing what.
  • Z-man seems to conjure candy out of thin air. I have no idea where it was all coming from.
  • Each family reunion blends into the others--lots of food, lots of people, and lots of noise. I think I feel too people-claustrophobic to differentiate happenings from one year to the next.
  • Actually, that's not's just how it all feels at this moment.
  • I hardly took any pictures.
  • I had a good time. I'm blessed with a great family on both sides.
  • The PA Turnpike has some of the prettiest scenery.
  • I know way too much about the pros and cons of many of Pike's rest stops.
  • Once, at the Midway rest stop (which only has a crappy Sbarro and a bathroom on the Eastbound side) my sister dumped 32 oz. worth of soda. She simply said "Oops" and moved us to another table. We laughed really hard. When they put out the bright yellow "Caution--wet floor" sign we laughed even harder.
  • I always wonder why it looks like someone let a fire hose loose within the restrooms. What the hell are people DOing in there?
  • I love laying in bed in the morning listening to my new nephew cooing and gaga-ing in the living room. 
  • The ten-year-old nephew doesn't coo. He hovers above your face and asks things like "Can you feel me staring at you? How about now? Am I touching you, yes or no?"
  • I don't feel like going to work tomorrow.
  • Seeing abandoned houses along the Turnpike makes me a little sad. I can't help but wonder what those walls contained, and why they no longer do so.
  • I didn't see a single MINI the entire trip.
  • I got a nice start on my hexies. I'll show you as soon as I take pics.
  • I'm going to go watch the Olympics.
  • See you soon.


  1. Well, was it a good trip????
    6 hours in a car sounds dreadful to me anyway!!
    Loving the Olympics here!!!!
    XO Kris

  2. That sounds like fun Beth! Those family reunions are really nice{whish I had more of those}.

    Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. survived, right? Lovin' you hexies! I imagine Pennsylvania looks a lot like Kentucky - beautiful green hills and green green grass in the median. Someday I'll make it to Pennsylvania and I won't stop at the Midway rest stop. But tell me.....are there Starbucks along the way???

  4. Sheesh, you taught the dog to talk you were stuck that long with him? ;o) Glad you all made it through okay without any of you feeling the need to create a new rest stop to escape...

  5. I know there are some negatives w the reunion thing...but one day you will CHERISH AND SHARE THE STORIES AS YOUR OWN..don't miss them..the times wl be gone too soon
    "Like Gramma's House"

  6. I feel you about the noise and people. And noise. It's like you get excited to attend these things and when you arrive, you feel waves of panic attack.

    Also, you should take a rest now :)



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