Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fun Bags

A few weeks ago I made (but completely forgot to blog) a couple of fun grocery bags from the Michelle Patterns (formerly Keyka Lou) Grocery Bag pattern. I've tried a couple of her patterns and they are fast and easy, but look really cute when you're finished. Her pattern prices are very reasonable, too. Definitely recommend. Anyway, these went together so quick and easy I was able to make four on a Saturday afternoon! I used a few stash fabrics for these, but I did buy I nice sturdy twill to use for the linings (yay for coupons!).

The first two I made used these fun flour-sack fabrics:

The prints are definitely retro, but the bright colors give them a fresh look.

When I saw that little red fish up there I immediately thought of Swedish fish, but apparently it goes with Fisher King brand flour--

But this one is my favorite:

It's a bag that was really difficult to photograph because there's no structure to it, and the handles aren't really long enough to hang from anything. Hopefully you get the idea, though--

The bag will fold up flat, but has a lot of depth to it once you start to fill it up--

The pattern was designed to be reminiscent of a plastic grocery bag, but is larger, sturdier, and much more fun. I triple-stitched the seams and the handles, so it's way strong. I'm glad my sewing was spot-on because picking out a seam that is triple-stitched is terribly unfun.

I made one more in this adorable citrusy lemon fabric (I believe it's Alexander Henry's 'Juicy') that I'm giving as a little gift to someone--

I was so intent on folding it up to just the right size to fit into this cute little box I found at Target that I forgot to snap a pic of the finished product (and as much as I adore you I wasn't going through that again :)

I've no idea why I have that orange ribbon or where it came from, but it was the perfect length to tie this box up. Little occurences like that make me think silly things like "Oh! This present was meant to be!"

I did a bit of straightening up in my sewing corner today and things look much neater and tidier. I've put all the little things I've been purposelessly making into a big box that I'll keep adding to as I'm motivated to be creative. My intent is to do a spring craft show. I've tried them in the fall and haven't done well, but the ones I've done in spring I do pretty ok. I think it's because the fabrics I'm inclined to work with are spring and summer oriented, which people aren't looking to buy when it's getting cold and dark. Anything fall/winter/holiday I make I'm going to put in my little online shop (which has been dying a slow death as I haven't added to it in a long time).

Sheesh. Where did that outpouring of blah blah blah come from? Anyway, I'm off to make a sandwich. My sister was telling my mom about some food they had at a party she went to, who in turn told me, and now I would swear I was starving. Enjoy your afternoon!

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  1. I have that pattern too and love it! It makes a great grocery bag that holds ALOT of stuff! Love that fabric that you used too. This reminds me that I need to make more of these :)

  2. Fantastic!!!! LOVE the fabrics!! :-)

  3. Great use for that fabric! I got some recently but haven't found the perfect use for it yet...

  4. Such fun fabrics! I'll have to check out that pattern, thanks for sharing!
    Happy Day!

  5. SUPER fabrics....swedish fish, we love them here in the son sends them over to us. We loved the Target stores in the US

  6. Great fabrics. Love the Kansas Girl being one myself!

  7. I love the fabrics especially the Fisher-King. Really cute bag. Would you stop by my party Totally Transformed Tuesday and share? Love to have you.

  8. Very fun and happy bags! Love your fabric choices!

  9. Lovely, gorgeous fabric!

  10. Gosh, those fabrics are beautiful and they have made such lovely, functional bags. The citrus wrapping paper is almost like a tea towel I've recently bought!

  11. Oh, how fun! I'm going to have to get that pattern!



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