Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's About Time!!!

Are you allowed to say that if you never had the idea in the first place? For example, say when you could only buy a 2-slice toaster you stood in your kitchen each morning muttering "It'd be nice if they made a 4-slice toaster. I like a LOT of toast in the morning. Harumph," and then one day they had one, you could proclaim "It's about time!" But since I never even conceived of this idea I don't think I can say it. Maybe "It's about time someone thought of that!" or "What a great idea! I wish I had thought of that!" would work. No matter, I suppose. I'm happy SOMEone thought of it. And it's about time.

What the h-e-dub hockey sticks am I blathering on about? ALLEGedly, Joann's is going to carry something called 'Quilter's Quarters' by Denyse Schmidt. It's one yard of fabric, and each fat-quarter area will have a different print. So you buy one yard, and get four coordinating fat quarters out of it. Right now they ALLEGedly have them in four colorways:

  Clockwise from top: Blue Gray, Red Gray, Turquoise, and Red Green
(I have to put it out there: why are they calling it red when one is orange, and one is pink? Irksome...)

I'll be honest--I'm not a huge DS fan. Not that I don't like her stuff, I do. I'm just more prone to like a few prints here and there than to be madly in love with an entire collection. That being said, if my local Joann's ever gets these in (hence the use of "ALLEGedly") I can see myself buying all of them, especially the blue-gray colorway (does that surprise anyone? It surprise me a little--I'm not usually one for blue-gray as it doesn't smack you in the face with color obnoxiousness, as I seem to prefer...).

These are a great way to get a few prints without committing to big cuts or over-priced bundles. Speaking as somone who is trying very hard to control their beyond-the-basics stash building, these wouldn't much dent your wallet or your shelf space but would be an easy coordinated grab for making a little something fun. I personally would appreciate something like this in Christmas prints. The obvious down-side, of course, is if you only want one of these prints and have to buy the whole shebang to get it (because it doesn't look like there's yardage that goes with these if you wanted a larger cut of one of the prints, or just one of the prints). Otherwise, I like this idea very much.

What do you folks think? Is this something you would buy? Or do you like to do your own picking and matching?


  1. I would buy something like this. Especially since you can use Joann's coupons. I am heading there today as a matter of fact, so I will check and see if my store has them.

  2. I'd propose packs of four with Christmas/Easter/Halloween/4th July or one with Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter or maybe Wedding/Christening/Birthday/Anniversary.... you get the idea. Failing all that, I like the look of the Red/Green ones ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh...I have been wondering what was up with you? Why no posts? I almost emailed. But today when my blogroll showed you updated, and I came right over, I see that you have been posting all along! I have missed a bunch of your posts! I swear, Blogger is so sucky sometimes!!!!!! I am so sorry to have not been around. I really thought you were on vacay or something!!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the grocery bags. LOVE the Pam Kitty fabric. LOVE the quilts! I also like DS but our Joanne's has a pitiful selection! PITIFUL!!!
    But now I need to go have a look/see.
    PS How on earth do you have to work a full time job with all of the great stuff you turn out!!!
    XO Kris

  4. Bought mine last week but in yellow/gray? They are great! And cheap. They were on sale at my Joann's.

  5. I love them but sadly no Joann's here in the UK!!

  6. I like the Red Gray... I agree with you about them calling the colors red when they're clearly orange and pink... hmmm... :-/

  7. Oh I'm totally not a DS fan, but I don't mention it often because I have a friend down south that would hunt me down for saying it ;o) Totally don't see the red in that red/green bundle either lol Happy hunting!

  8. I always like to choose my own colours and prints. Isn't that the best part? I don't know who Denyse Schmidt is. I'm guessing she's American? Over here it's a lot easier to buy Japanese fabric which are cheaper compared to American fabric. And the fabric shops don't sell in bundles or charm packs or layered cakes. You have just your eyes to guide you as you look at all the bolts and choose your matching fabric.

  9. Found them! Plus they were on sale... and I used a coupon. Happy day! Now what to make???

  10. The Downingtown Joann's has them all in stock. And they are online, too. I got mine on sale.... I got the Blue/Gray set. I like that one the best of the four. Then I couldn't resist a few yards of other DS fabric to coordinate with the fq. (naturally)




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