Friday, April 19, 2013

A Few for Friday - #16

With all the sew along business (how are you coming through, by the way?) I forgot about my Friday pics until my mom reminded me ("Hey! You didn't do your Friday photos that yo do!"). So as it's still Friday for half an hour more, I figured I'd share a few bits of my week that made me grin amid the horrors that happened around the country (what IS it with this week in violent history?).

 Every year on the last weekend in April there is a Civil War reenactment not far from my house. Every year it's a different battle. This is my dad's favorite weekend. You could cancel Christmas, but not this. He finds out what battle they're doing, then researches it. The reenactors dress in period clothing, and set up camp for the weekend. There are sutlers tents wherein they sell clothing, food, and other stuff, as well as artifacts and souvenirs. I come by my geekiness honestly :)

There were a couple of these giant birds flying around outside of work. They were so large they were distracting so I figured I'd take a picture so they'd fly away (isn't that always how it happens?). And they obliged.

I can't be the only one who thinks 'Superhero Lollipop' when they unwrap one... I was jonesin' for some sugar, and it was the last one otherwise I'd never have chosen chocolate. It's not a satisfying superhero color.

Since I emptied the jar I had to refill it. So I picked pretty colored wrappers. We made short work of these. I think there are maybe two left. 

I spent the week working on some orders for frame purses. This is the lining of one--the stripes lined up to make little chevrons so I had to capture the happy accident.

Hopefully your week had some pleasantries amidst the never-ending news coverage. And if you live elsewhere and don't know what I'm talking about--be glad about it.

Now get back to your handbags so you're ready for the finale on Sunday.


  1. I love that your Dad loves those reenactments! Big bird.
    ; ) Kris

  2. Yup - I think I'm the only one who didn't know about the superhero lollipop but I love it! I think the picture of the bird is great - a lot more interesting than if he'd stayed put (and let's face it they never do - naughty birds!)Have a lovely weekend x Jane

  3. I obviously don't eat enough lollies!



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