Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Few for Friday ~ #17

I feel like I missed this week. I can't believe Friday is here already. I did some sewing, had a headache that didn't want to quit, gave my sister a sewing lesson, and here we are. I took off from work tomorrow to get some stuff done that I never seem to have time to do on the weekends, and then I'm planning on sewing up a diaper bag this weekend. I used to think old people (aka grown-ups) were crazy when they talked about 'Where did the time go?' and 'Time flies' and all that jazz. Time used to drag. And now I'm all what the hell? It's almost May?

Anyway, since most of the week seems to have eluded me I've only got a few pics to share.

Do these colors look familiar? This is take three. And I do believe it's the one that'll stick. More on that to come.

 THAT is the cutting mat I just got for Christmas. I thought there was a tiny scrap of fabric that I kept trying to flick off, but upon closer inspection I saw this. Talk about aggravated. I immediately hopped online and went to the company website. I filed a warranty claim (since on the site it says this is covered by a lifetime warranty) and, according to the email I received, I should be receiving a new mat shortly. I have no clue how this happens to an allegedly self-healing mat, but I'm hoping it's just a fluke.

 I drive by this board for a breakfast and lunch truck every day on my way to work. And every day that misspelling of you're shrinks my soul. I want to pull over and say "Honk if my hungry what? Finish the sentence!" I know it's kind of ridiculous and I've been a grammar and pronunciation police captain since I was about four years old, but does this irk anyone else?

And that's it for now. A co-worker turned me on to the show 'Hannibal' and it starts in about thirty seconds so I'm off. Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oh yes, you know you are grown up when time starts to fly. AND when Christmas is more work than fun!
    Love the blanket. Hate that the mat broke? What the heck??? And I am SUCH a grammar cop too.
    Have a good weekend!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I think I'd have leapt out and corrected the board by now! And don't get me started on apostrophes! Loving the blanket, it's such a great pattern and you can reallly change the look with different colours. Hope your mat arrives quickly, sounds as if you're going to need it :)

  3. Hahahaha... take some red crayon and change it!!

  4. Geesh, I think I would have bought some chalk and an eraser by now and fixed it for them. That stuff drives me crazy! Your blanket looks awesome!!!! And hopefully you'll receive your new mat soon. On the bright side, the company obviously has great customer service! Have a great weekend!

  5. I have seen so many misspelled words on signs and here in blog-land too. The words on blogs that are misspelled are mostly typos from typing too fast and not going over what has been typed, so it doesn't bother me as much as a sign for a business that has misspelled words on it.
    I saw a sign inside a public school bus here that had a misspelled word on it and I thought to myself if they cannot spell words correctly for a school bus and NO ONE says anything about that, then how are the children supposed to learn correctly? The sign said something about children who were not behaving on the bus would "loose" their bus privileges. Gee don't you mean "lose"? I can understand this misspelling if English is not the person's first language, but here in the USA we should be spelling words correctly if our children are to learn correctly.
    If I made any typos here in this comment, please don't smack me, lol!

  6. Fully signed up member of the grammar police here! I couldn't believe I was reading an error message from Microsoft earlier with the wrong 'your' in it. I mean really?!

  7. I am a knit picky person when it comes to all the grammatically incorrect things I read. I wish every school made the kids read the book: EATS SHOOTS AND LEAVES. It is a very humorous way to learn about all the apostrophes and more. And my pet peeve is crafters who write "taught" instead of "taut."
    Thanks for sharing your crafting.

  8. I saw the first episode of Hannibal and made the mistake of eating...

    For a very long time I thought Americans write you're as your and I puzzled over it.


  9. oh yes, it drives me mad! The worst one is putting apostrophes in front of a plural s. Why don't people know these things??

  10. Yes, I always want to correct these things, too. Does that make us grammar nerds?!



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