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Make It With Me - Drawstring Handbag Part 3

'Allo! If you're just arriving to the sew along, you can find the links to the intro and parts 1 and 2 by clicking the 'Sew Alongs' button at the top. Everything will remain available, so if you need to take your time do so. But if you're caught up, let's get cracking on finishing the lining!

Insert the Magnetic Snap
Before I start I just want to say that this is how I insert my mag snaps. Some of you may shudder and twitch as I don't follow the directions on the package as I've had snaps come loose that way. But ever since I've done them 'my' way I haven't had any issues. So, yes, this is different from other methods you may have seen, but it works.

1.  Cut two pieces from the scraps of fusible fleece I had you save when we did the straps. Make them about 1.5 inches by the width of your scrap. On the wrong side of each lining piece, make a mark two inches down from the center. Iron your fleece over those marks (this gives some security as a snap can be quite the stress point).

2. Place your lining pieces right sides together and pin around the edges to keep it stable. Take one of your washers (the holes are very handy marking places). Place it two inches down from the top center. Make markings in the slits.

Note: I'm doing this on the fabric side instead of the fleece as the markings are easier to see in photos.

3. Take your seam ripper, and verrrrrrry carefully make two slits that correspond with your markings. Go through all the layers, but be careful not to slice too much. Doing it this way ensures that your snap will line up properly. You can take out your pins now.

4. Take one of your mag snap pieces, and poke the prongs through the slits you cut so that the snap shows on the right side of the lining and the prongs are poking through to the wrong side. Put your washer over the prongs.

5. Instead of pushing the prongs away from each other, I push them towards each other, i.e. over the center of the snap. Use a scrap of fabric (so you don't scratch the snap) and some pliers to get a nice firm squeeze.

6. Cut another scrap of fusible fleece, and lay it down over back of the snap. You may need a pin or two, but do it from the right side of the lining so you don't sew over them.

7. Go to your sewing machine. Place this right side up with your presser foot touching the edge of the snap. Sew a nice neat square around the snap. This keeps everything secure and cuts down on a lot of the stress on the lining.

8. Repeat for the other side of the snap and lining. You can trim some of the excess fleece if you like, but it's not necessary.

Make Up the Lining
1. Place your lining pieces right sides together (you can click the snap shut if you want :)  Sew the bottom seam with a 1/4 inch allowance, leaving about a six inch gap in the middle for turning. Press that seam open. Sew your side seams (1/4 inch seam), and then press those open. 

Now we're going to create a flat bottom for the bag by boxing the corners. This is what will give our bag some dimension.

2. Stick your hand in the bag and push the corner out and flatten to create a triangle. You can take a peek inside the bag to make sure the side seam and bottom seam are lined up one on top of the other (this takes a little wiggling). 

 Inside view of how your seams should stack up.

3. Grab a ruler and measure a line five inches across. You want the 2.5 inch mark to be directly on the seam line - this  may take some maneuvering, but it makes for a nice even bottom. I usually have to play around with it a minute or two to make sure everything is lined up. Once it's all set, put in a few pins to keep it from wiggling out of place. Sew along the line.

4. Repeat with the other corner. Trim off the edge of the triangle about a quarter inch from your seam line. If you turn the lining right side out you'll see that you now have a nice flat bottom.

As of this point, we have our straps made, and the lining finished complete with two pockets, a nifty magnetic snap, and a flat bottom. Next time we'll be inserting our grommets, sewing down the straps, and making the drawstring. 

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  1. Received my prize package. Love everything in it. Thanks so much.



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