Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pick a Peck of Pickled Purses

OK, it's not a peck. I don't even know how much a peck is. I think it's half a bushel. So when you love someone a bushel and a peck I think you love them one and a half bushels worth. Of what, I don't know. But I don't have to worry, I don't have a peck--I just have one.

A few weeks ago I got a message on Facebook requesting a cosmetic bag made of pickles fabric. I verified that the asker was NOT under the influence of anything and told them I would, contingent upon me finding the fabric. I found it, not so far away (which is weird, because for odd things I usually have to have it shipped half a world away and pay a gazillion dollars in shipping charges). The bag itself was simple--a larger-than-usual makeup bag, with some pockets on the inside. I whipped it up the other night, and I'm not embarrassed to say that I like it, but I am surprised that I do. I thought it would be weird, but it's so quirky that it's fun.

That's quite the love of the humble pickle. It's so bizarre that it's pretty nifty.

 Flat bottom, sides even with the edge of the purse.
I had a really long zipper I shortened for the top, and used the remainder for a zip pocket on the inside, along with a dash of pickles for a cell phone pocket.

 Obligatory hardware close-up.

I do enjoy quick little projects using fabric that are quite different than anyone's norm. I sent a message back saying "I have something for you....." and without even seeing a picture she was all "Gah!! Yes, I'm excited!" (or something akin to that). I'd be curious to see people's faces when she pulls this one out.


  1. Oooohhh, errrrr.... You've done a great job (as usual!) and the finish looks fantastic, but I'm still not sure about the fabric. Maybe I'm just not quirky enough ;-)

  2. Got to admit I love the fabric... I'm sure your customer will be beyond delighted!

  3. I think pickles make a fine theme fabric for a zipper bag, and yours is lovely, lol. I think I have some pickle fabric downstairs in my "food fabrics" drawer --- I should go look - maybe I have a pickle zipper bag in MY future too, LOL!

  4. I love it! Could this bag possibly be a contender for a future tutorial? I know how to make regular zipper bags, but would love to make a slightly larger one with a pocket inside :)

  5. Oh you're so good at whipping things up. I agree with Sandy a tutorial would be great. You're so good at those too. LOLL How am I doing? are you coming around to the idea?

  6. Lol, well, that's quite special :oD



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