Sunday, September 8, 2013

Granny Stripe Afghan: Finito, Benito!

After months and months and months I am FINALLY finished my granny stripe afghan. While I do still love the colors, I am so very very tired of working with them. You may remember that this blanket started out as a tunisian entrelac blanket (a blanket that looks like a whole bunch of interlocking strips), but I had some tension issues so I had to rip it out. I figured out how to make the blocks larger, and had tension issues again, so out that came. Now, I am hard-headed, but I'm not so stubborn that I can't recognize a losing battle so I decided that a new direction was needed. I used Lucy's granny stripe tutorial and stitched away. And now I'm done. It wasn't as just-like-that as I make it sound--this, too, took quite some time. But it's finished, washed, and draped across the back of my sister's couch (the afghan I made her years ago is looking quite....loved :) ....and this new one fits in well with her new color scheme). So--wanna see it?

This blanket isn't huge, but it's a great sofa size. I love the bright colors, and how the tan mutes them a bit. I was so tired of it all, though, that I just did a very narrow border to neaten up the ends a bit and called it a day. Plus I didn't want to add any more weight to this--it's quite the leaden blanket.

The simple granny stripe is one of the easiest stitch patterns you can do--it's all chains and double crochets (treble if you're from the UK). However, it does get a bit boring. There is no change in anything at all to lend any variety to what you're doing.

I made sure to weave in the ends as I went. It really does make the finish so much more enjoyable. There's nothing worse (well, yes there are worse things, but I'm talking strictly crochet here) than putting in those final stitches and realizing you have a gazillion ends to weave. This one doesn't look like it would be terrible, but I had squillions of small balls as I was working from when I had ripped out my previous attempts. Instead of two ends on some stripes there were up to six in several spots.

When I decided that enough was enough and it was time to finish this off, I still had four balls of colored yarn left, but not enough tan, so I exchanged the colors for tan at the store. As per my usual, I overbought that, so I gave the remainder to my aunt as she had fallen in love with the color and I was just feeling done with all of it.

This washed up so snuggly and soft--I used Vanna's Choice (Cheery Cherry, Duckie, Aqua, Fern, and Linen). I've used it for several projects now, and it really is quite a nice yarn. Great range of colors, easy care, not too pricey. I've had my next afghan planned now since about two weeks after I started this one, and I placed my yarn order tonight. This next one is for Zach (it's been a long time since I made him one--I think he was about two), and I can't wait to get started.

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. It looks gorgeous! How you didn't simply throw out the whole thing is beyond me - I simply don't have the patience to start over again and again like you do. Definitely worth all the effort, your sister is very lucky :-) Have a lovely start to the week xo

  2. It looks great, even if it was a painful birth!

  3. I recently made one with that pattern too! I like Vanna's Choice yarn too. Have you ever used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn? It is my new favorite... they have a huge range of colors and the price is really good too :)

  4. Love the crochet blanket. It looks like rickrack. So pretty!

  5. Hi, I love crocheting granny square blankets! You did such a beautiful job on crocheting your blanket and I love the color choice!
    Julie from

  6. very nice. and agreed - sewing the ends is the worst. i never seem to have the foresight to do it as i go though :-(

  7. You certainly got a whole lot of crocheting pleasure out of those balls. When I rip out some knitting I have done, I always claim that it is good for my yarn budget, since I get twice as much knitting from the same yarn.

  8. I understand just wanting to be DONE with something. It came out beautifully though! Very cheerful. =)

  9. I love it! My great-grandmother made my mom an afghan and it is the only thing that she considers a treasure in her home. Thanks so much for sharing it with us this week at Monday Funday... have a great week!

    Take care,


  10. I love it and i love those colors! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!

  11. What a gorgeous blanket!Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  12. yay, well done! I love it, love the colours. I've been meaning to do a granny stripe blanket for a while, and a ripple... though the memories of the ENDLESS giant granny are still with me...



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