Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brit Kit #3

I promise this is the last you will see of my subscription box posts, because I've cancelled this one as well. The premise of a subscription box is that you sign up for one (and there are many to choose from) and every month you receive a surprise box of goodies specific to the genre you chose (crafts, food, bath and body, and so on). While I do love the idea of it, my experience with them has been less than stellar, so I'm stopping for good.

I'll show you my final kit I received, but I'm not making anything with it. I would never use it and consider it a waste of good zippers...

OK, so I'm supposed to take those perfectly good zippers and cut them to pieces (intentionally!). Then I'm supposed to cut that black piece of vinyl into the shape you see on that card. The zipper pieces get glued or something to it. Then I take the chain in the baggie and use the pliers to get the whole thing to become a necklace of sorts. It is nothing I will ever ever wear (and don't know anyone who would) so why waste the stuff in making something useless just because?

So I'm stashing these perfectly lovely zippers--

--and putting the pliers with my sewing notions because you never know--

--and I'll see if my sister wants the jewelry bits as she's the jewelry-maker (but I doubt she will as they're kind of cheap looking). And I'll use the vinyl bit to practice sewing on leather for when I get the guts to try to make something out of leather...

So I'm done. I'm not signing up for any more of these. I did enjoy the surprise each month, and the money wasn't a hindrance. It's just that I want to like the surprise I'm getting, hahaha. So what I've decided to do if I'm feeling the need for some random crafty bits is to pick something from the tons of pins I've got on Pinterest and make that instead.

To quote Forrest Gump "...and that's all I've got to say about that."


  1. What a big fat bummer that the boxes were a bust! Nice zippers though. Who would cut those up? Course, there are probably folks who say, who would cut up a yard of that 12.00 fabric, into pieces, and re sew them into something else? Yep, we quilters get it.
    xo Kris

  2. What a waste of money! And that purse thing looks butt ugly, pardon my Dutch. Well, at least you will have some cute looking zippers to make bags though. Yes, bags... focus on bags :-)

  3. I think the premise of these things is a good idea, but it's hard to find a nice craft with materials that can be had at a good (whoelsale) price, where people will pay for the kit and you can actually make a profit after the shipping. The inevitability is that as time goes on the quality degrades in the hunt for something different that's cheap. Still, the zippers might be handy!

  4. I don't enjoy being surprised so I guess I'll never sign up for such services. I hope you bookmark this post so that in the future, if you ever feel the need to sign up for another one, you'll remember the crap you can get.:)

  5. I actually bought a pair of pliers to use in sewing a couple months ago... I use them to hold the itty-bitty tool when I'm putting certain kinds of snaps in so I don't smash my fingers repeatedly, (also handy for removing snaps), to grip a needle and pull it through when I'm hand-sewing several layers of really thick fabric, and once I used them to fix a zipper. I would have been disappointed with this kit too though... what you really need is a friend who knows what you like and can pick out the supplies for you as an occasional surprise. =)



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