Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, here we are again. The big day of thanks for those of us in the States. It has been quite the year around here, and not an easy one. It has been an emotional roller coast, with more lows than highs and many head-slapping WTF moments. But I'm grateful for it, as it seems to be winding down in a more positive way that I don't know if I'd appreciate if there weren't some big dips along the wave of life. We're all still here and we're all still well. In the grand scheme of things what more could you ask for? So thank you, life, for being what you are (and certainly not apologizing for it).

Now, I'm going to go put on my pants with the stretchy waistband and settle in. Happy Thanksgiving, and as the younger of my nephews would say, "Boggle boggle!"


  1. Ha, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and Boggle Boggle back at ya!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Over here we don't have such a day. We're just grateful it doesn't get too hot and humid.

  3. Your turkey's looking a little 'pished' as they say round here, hope you are now too ;o)



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