Tuesday, March 18, 2014


It snowed yesterday. I forgot it was supposed to as I was sick in bed with a touch of something or other, and didn't remember until I went to get a cup of coffee and looked outside. This is truly the winter that will never end. I loved it until a few weeks ago, and now I'm ready for warmth and color to come back into the world. A co-worker told me today that it might snow again next week. There's not a lick of green on any of the trees, and nature seems to know that it's not over yet, no matter what the calendar says. Thank heavens for cozy quilts and handmade afghans to snuggle under.

While leaving work last week I snapped this photo. Hardly anyone else seemed to notice this, and if they did they were complaining about the goose droppings they might encounter. Sometimes I feel like I exist in my own world (which isn't far off the truth) when I am the only one who gets excited by something so pretty. I really wished I had my good camera with me.

My mother had a birthday the other day, and my sister made some cute cupcakes. She considered them a bit of a fail, but I think they're stinkin' adorable (and they were mucho yummo so who cares if the flowers weren't perfect?).

A-train took a big bite out of one and emerged looking like this (blurry, because he doesn't sit still, and because I will never be a camera phone photographer)--

Z-man wanted to know if we would think it would be just as cute if he did it, so he followed suit. Then promptly tried to hide it when he saw I had the camera aimed at him (which is why he's blurry, too)--

They are two such good looking boys, and my heart aches when I think of how fast time is going. Like, literally hurts, you guys. I hate it. I hated growing up myself, and I hate watching it happen to other people.

I'm always very curious about what the dog does during the day, and yesterday I got my answer. It's this.

Lucky. But I think I'd get bored. One day of laying around was enough for me. I was glad to be back to work today.

In other "news"--thank you so very much for your marvelous comments on my toiletry bag. It looks like a sew-along will be happening. I'm going to do it that way instead of as a tutorial, as with the pockets and the handles and the zippers I'd like to be a little more in-depth with the details. It won't be too cumbersome--pinky swear! I just prefer to break things into manageable parts so it doesn't seem too overwhelming, especially if you're more of a newbie. No promises on the due date as I've also got a few other tutorials rattling around upstairs that I hope to have your way soon, but it won't be too long. Fun stuff on the way!


  1. Ah, that is lovely. I do wish people would stop and appreciate all the pretty things around them more. =)
    Those picket fence cupcake wraps are adorable!

  2. wow. still snowing huh? over here, the dry spell is over, the thunder rains have come. for phone photography, see if u have this option: use a finger and press down on the screen where you want to focus on e.g. A-train's face , hold finger down until you see a blue screen which will disappear replaced by the word AF Lock. Then take a pic. It will definitely not be blur.

  3. Cool pics. We are still getting snow too . I'm not very happy with it either.

  4. Love the deer passing through.

    As for the less that perfect food? Well, hell, it's going to get far more mushed up where it's going ;o)



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