Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Teeny Bits of Color

A year ago trees were wearing pale green, flowers were rearing their lovely heads, and the air had that delicious feel to it that is so specific to spring. This snowed again last night and there is no color yet anywhere. My never-ending crochet project is mostly navy blue. And my sewing projects this week have consisted of replacing zippers in jackets of black and brown. My retinas were asking for some color.

I had bought a few packs of Lion Brand Bon-Bons. They're ridiculously adorable teeny skeins of yarn. Like...teeny.

They looked so pretty I felt the need to play with them, so to speak. I tore open the packages and then grabbed the bag with my wee little bits of remaining Stylecraft DK and headed to the kitchen to serve up some eye candy. There's something about the very late afternoon ('prevening,' if you will, for those Sheldon Cooper fans out there) sunshine that is so ideal for photos. You can't help but feel the warmth, especially when that light is falling on scrummy yarn.

These are one of those things that I have walked past in the store infinite times, mentally telling myself "No! you don't need those! We are SIMPLIFYING." But this weekend I figured what the hell and bought a few packages (with coupons--I didn't completely lose my mind). I love things in miniature, and these are so perfectly that way.

They go perfectly in weight and color with my remnants. A big pile of color like these makes some part of me so happy. How can you not grin at brightly-colored potential and sunshine?

This adorbs double-tiered serving thingee came from one of Z-man's fundraisers at school. It had to be mine. I think it looks better with yarn on it than with cookies. Especially teeny candy-colored hunks of yarn.

A few weeks ago I bought a fabulous cereal bowl at Target. It, too, seems made for my impromptu photo shoot.

I'd rather this be a serving of chips and dip, but I have been quite well-behaved with food as of late, so this will have to do. So what are my plans? Well, I have been eyeing up a book for a long time, again talking myself out of it time and time again. So I finally bought it. I'm super glad I did. I can't wait to dig in.

It says it's for thread crochet, but I'm not a fan of that. So I'm going to use these yarns (thinner than the usual worsted I use) to make a few. I think it'll be thin enough to keep the definition of the flowers, but thick enough to not bug me too much. I do so love quick little projects that are easy and cute. There are all different kinds of leaves and stems, as well as the flowers, so there are a ton of possibilities swimming in my brain right now.

I need to hit the lottery, and soon. I just want to make pretty things all day. Is that too much to ask?


  1. Oh no...more snow! So sorry. I have seen those Bon Bons, and thought they were so cute! However, I passed on them, due to the price. I am glad you got some!
    xo Kris

  2. Those yarn bundles are ridiculously adorable! Love them piled up together.
    It may be snowing where you are, but at least it isn't hot, dry, and horribly windy, right? Barely any green to be seen here, and we don't even have white to cover up the dry brown.

  3. Aww, cute bundles :-) I bought some mini-balls of yarn when I was in Istanbul. Couldn't resist them :-)

  4. no, it's not too much to ask. I too am waiting until I can sit at home all day making stuff! I'd be interested to know what the book's like when you've tried a few flowers

  5. These are just so cute. I've never seen skeins that small before.



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