Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drinkin' chocolate milk, writin' about bags, droppin' the gees at the end of the words I'm typin'...

It's late, and I'm worn out, so I'm going to just get down to business.  My weekend was made of sewing wedding bags, eating Chinese food, and sewing a beach bag. I had high hopes for more sewing, but lacked the motivation.  I've knocked 2 people off of my to-do list, and have the pieces for one more cut out and ready to sew this week, so I' not completely unhappy with my slow progress.

Anyway, first up are the bridesmaid wedding bags.  This pattern is the same as the wedding bags I did a few weeks ago, but they are all the same color.  I never thought it would be so difficult to find a certain shade of sage green, but it was a pretty intense hunt.  I still don't think I have it nailed completely, but the bride gave the ok and it's definitely close enough.  So here's the bag and an iffy close-up of the button I sewed on:

The satin I used is called 'Shantung Satin' and it has that little bit of  a roughish look that raw silk can sometimes have within its weave. 

I like them. The fabric was fairly easy to work with, and I think I can now officially make this bag in my sleep.  I think I'm going to make a few samples of different style evening bags--this one can get pretty boring, but it uses very little fabric and is easy to do.  It just gets a little m'eh doing the same thing, with the same fabric, one right after the other.  On the other hand, I made all different bags for my sister's wedding and went a bit crazy because each pattern had such different details I couldn't fly through any of them. But when I fly through them I get bored.  I can't get no satisfaction (By the way--it pained me to write that.  Bad grammar eats at my soul).

The next bag (and one I pretty much just finished) is a(nother) beach bag.  I gave the one I made for my hairdresser to her, and she really liked it.  She modeled it, and strutted around the salon with it, and was very excited about it.  One of her co-workers asked if she could have one, but maybe something a little more 'island-y.'  I had bought some fabric for no good reason that I thought would be perfect:

This fabric is so fresh looking you can almost smell tropical flowers.

I adore the way these colors work together.  Here are a few more views:

My hair spray, rolled up medical benefits book, and glasses are supposed to simulate a water bottle, a magazine and some sunglasses.  The pockets are plenty roomy enough.

It's very similar to the skeleton bag, but I had enough fabric to make pockets all around with this one.

So that's it.  Productive weekend as far as weekends go, but not as productive as I had planned.  My goal is to get completely caught up--I don't like having a to-do list.  I'm really flattered that people ask me to make things for them, but sometimes I really just want to pop in a flick and sit on the couch and play Bejeweled.  I have a hard time of finding that happy medium.  I guess when I start to go insane is when it's time to take a break.

Have a happy Monday, world!  Yes, folks--it's almost here already....

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