Friday, May 28, 2010

Rarin' to go

I confess. I'm not a traveler.  I enjoy a few days here and there, within driving distance, preferably with my family.  But I'm much more content at home, with my things around me right where they belong.  I've been on a plane twice, but only remember once (a few years ago when I went to Vegas--a tale in and of itself).  I have places I'd like to go: Italy, London, Prince Edward Island (for the whole Anne of Green Gables thing), and various places in the Midwest where there used to be a little house on the prairie.  But I'm too much of a ninny to go by myself (plus I don't have a passport--add that to the to-do list). 

In July I have to get on a big scary airplane all by myself and fly to another city for a wedding, all by myself.  I am unspeakably worked up about this.  Ridiculous, I know, but I'm one of those people who's always been satisfied with my placement in this world, and when I have to remove myself from it makes me a bit anxious.  So today I decided I needed a practice trip.  I figure that if I go somewhere by myself I'm reasonably familiar with, I'll be able to deal with the 'by myself' part because I'm not dealing with an unfamiliar place; by the time I go to the unfamiliar place I'll be fine traveling by myself.  I'm curious to see how the flaws in this logic play out.

I don't live very far (less than 2 hours) from the mountain town of Jim Thorpe, an adorable Victorian town nestled in the Pocono mountains.  There are museums, shops, restaurants, and gorgeous scenery.  It may be the most picturesque town ever. So to there I will go (in a few weeks)--I found an adorable bed and breakfast, and I am very excited to get away.  The room I booked is pink and green (my favorite color combination)--it's like it was meant to be! I've had some intense restlessness lately--y'know the kind, where you want to just go someWHERE and do someTHING but you're not really sure of the specifics.  I figure that I have a mean case of cabin fever and spring fever, all rolled up into one, requiring a little get away to hit the reset button on my psyche. 

And last but not least, have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Remember to thank a veteran :)

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