Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glogged dup dose

Ick. I can't tell if I'm getting a cold or if suddenly I have allergies, but I have that sinus headache-sore throat-back drip thing going on and it's making me feel miserable. I remember being younger and not minding getting sick because it meant there was a chance I could stay home from school.  Now I find myself thinking "No!! I can't stay home. I have this report, and that report, and whatever else on my desk!"  Stupid adulthood.

Anyway, I'm almost done the diaper bag.  Apparently when the Kwik Sew pattern company came up with their name they didn't mean it literally.  I'm tired of working on it--sooo ready to be done. I think I have sewing ADD.  I never get tired of sewing but I always look forward to what's next.  I was doing a bit of whining to my mother today via email that I wanted to be all caught up on my order list so I could sew up the bags that are existing in my head.  I don't mind the extra money from custom orders, but it's pretty much pocket change right now; I'd like to invest some creative energy in some unique products.  Here's a snippet of the actual convo:
Me:  "I just haven't been able to make anything original lately with my new fabrics and I'm afraid all of my ideas will just start falling out of my head. "  (I feel it is necessary for me to state that I'm usually not this whiny).

My Mumsy:  "You should make a large pocket that goes all around you to catch the good ideas when they fall out. Always think creative."  (I do come by my goofball-ishness honestly).

Me:  "Oooo, that would be a great way to use up my scraps."

My Mumsy:  "To quote the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together."

Me:  "That is why you are awesome.  My mother quoted the A-Team and made my day in one simple statement."

My Mumsy:  "I'm old.  I know things."
Normally when we go off on a movie quote tear around here she has no idea what we're talking about (especially if it's something like Napoleon Dynamite). The fact that she pulled this one out of her hat amused me greatly, since I don't when was the last time she watched that show.  And then she tied it into sewing.  Love. That. Woman.  And if you know her, not only do you love her too, but you're not doubting that this was a real conversation.

My phone rang during a department meeting once; I felt totally bad-ass. Because the theme song is my ring tone.

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