Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How can something that rhymes with 'fluffy' defeat me?

Pluffy: 2. Me: 0. Final score.

This won't be another rant, like this one. Just a humble admission that sometimes I am stink-eroo at things that fall outside of my creative comfort zone. Amusingly, I received a few comments that people wanted to see pictures of my Pluffy ornament mishaps. I had already trashed them and had none to share, but now I do.

A coupla things first:  I was the kid who was not the most creative with modeling substances. I was really good at snakes and spheres--REALLY good--but that's it. Also--I would be the worst person at graffiti ever. My spray can technique leaves everything to be desired. I'm actually surprised I didn't end up wearing the paint. Finally, this whole thing is now out of my system and I don't think I will be mentioning again what shall hereafter be known as "The Pluffy Affair."

This time around I bought a rolling pin specifically made for clay. I cut it on a metal surface so it wouldn't stick. Things went along well. Until....the oven. I am convinced my oven hates me. These things looked fine going in and came out looking not so fine.

I couldn't even roll it out evenly--wavy bits, differing thicknesses--it's all here.

I created these very scientific drawings to highlight the best parts:

The one on the left is probably usable. We'll see.

This is one I really wanted to work out--the one on the right will be ok once I tie some ribbon on.

I don't think this one would have been great anyway--the words are too hard to read.

This is another one I really wanted to work out. Alas, it was not to be.

Bah. I couldn't even get this one centered.

The first set had fewer technical problems by far--but there were bubbles EVERYwhere. This set had fewer bubbles but everything you see above. My spray job doesn't even look like chrome. I want to throw them away, my mumsy wants to hang them from the trees outside. If that happens even the birds will be laughing at me.


  1. I love them!!! Who cares about the little bubbles? Can't even see them!
    Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Oh Bethany I think you are being too critical honestly they are lovely and once they have ribbon attached they will be fabulous. Honestly had you not pointed out the flaws I would have missed most of them, this is part of the handmade charm! I hope you can find the knitting mag I blogged about, if you don't find it let me know I can send you one across the water.
    Kandi x

  3. What on Earth are ya talking about? They look perfect to me. Seriously. Now go hang them.

  4. Ok, I think they're actually lovely, but I did laugh a lot at all those little parts pointed out with arrows...a true collection of little disasters :-) Don't worry, they really are nice. Love from London xo



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