Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Banner Tutorial

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (as though you don't know already...unless you're not in the US and don't know, in which case it's in a few weeks...on a Thursday. I don't know the exact date. I never do). It's the start of the holiday season, yet it's a holiday that doesn't receive much fanfare as far store merchandising goes--if you haven't bought your turkey-themed decor by Halloween you're out of luck. I'll admit--Thanksgiving does not rank as one of my favorite holidays, but I felt that I should make SOMEthing for it so it didn't feel ignored. I was also in the mood for some easy hand-sewing (a very rare occurrence), so I came up with a cute banner made of stuffed felt letters.

This is a great project for when you're sitting in front of the tube thinking that you should be more productive. Or making with your kids--I remember making shapes out of felt and sewing them together and stuffing them with cotton balls--they had that adorable homemade look that things like that have when they're made by kids who have never used a needle and thread before. At least that's what I tell myself. ANYway...

Here's what you'll need (aside from the phrase you want to stitch):

~ Felt (I used the cheap stuff and just picked colors I thought looked nice and fallish together)
~ Embroidery floss (you can use thread, but I wanted the stitching to be in your face)
~ Fiber fill
~ Twine, string, fishing line, or something to string the letters on.
~ Printed letters in a font and size you like (I used Cooper in 425--I thought it gave a good shape)
~ Scissors and a needle

First you'll want to print out and cut all your letters. Here's a picture just because:

Decide on how you want your colors to be arranged:

Trace your letters onto the felt (I used a disappearing marker but it didn't disappear). You need 2 of each letter, so I just put the inky one on the bottom when I went to stitch.

I was able to get 2 letters in duplicate out of each piece of felt, but depending on your letter size it may be more or less. Then cut out your letters.

Next you are going to do a blanket stitch on all the letters. I haven't done that since 8th grade Home Ec, so I used this tutorial to get going. I made my stitches a little shorter than 1/4 inch. For the letters that have a hole inside you are going to want to do that part first and then do the edge of the letter. Stuff as you go.

When you're done take a length of twine (or yarn, or whatever you're using for this part) and run it through the letters. The stitches will move a bit to allow you to run the twine behind them and through the letter. As you go along, hold it up to make sure your letters don't flip upside down--to keep this from happening make sure you're not running the twine through the letter too low.

Hang it up, arrange your letters how you like (they'll slide along the twine),  and do what it says. I'm thankful I only have one letter with wonky stitching.

Have a good week folks!

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  1. This is really very nice and tasteful! And I love the colors! You are so talented!
    Have a great week!

  2. They are cute and yes, they really do have the homemade look - in a good way ;-) However, we "don't do" Thanksgiving here...what now? Have a geat week, Love from London xo

  3. I love this!!!! I hope you'll come link up to TOO Cute Tuesday tomorrow!

  4. I love your banner! The blanket stitch on the edges is a great touch.

  5. You just gave me a Christmas banner idea! :D

  6. Just too cute. I just love about ANYTHING felt, and this is really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So cute! I love felt, it's so easy to work with. Thanks for sharing, found at Be Different . . . Act Normal link party.

  8. What a lovely banner - and such a great sentiment too! Your instructions and photographs are wonderful as well.

  9. LOVE this garland :) come on over and link up to MMM !!!

  10. Thank you!! i love it. (and by the way, thanksgiving is always the last thursday of november ;-) ). we don't usually do thanksgiving over here, but i think we will have something special this year, to thanks for all the blessing of our lives. thanks again for sharing. Love from France...

  11. You have the cutest ideas on here! Impressive! I am loving your blog!

  12. I saw something similar on the Anthropologie catalogue that I want to make! This is great!! Join us at our party and link up @ InspiredHoneyBee.blogspot ... I'm your new follower xoxo Debbie

  13. This is perfect! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I am definitely pinning it :)

  14. Very cute! Looks like a fun garland to hang for years to come!

  15. I've been thinking a lot about the bunting I really want in my home for Thanksgiving...running out of time over here so it may not be done this year b/c I can't decide on how i want to do it but thanks so much for sharing...I love this! Visiting from TRH Linky

  16. I just love blanket stitch and bunting.

  17. Love, love, love it! Soo adorable and such a simple and festive idea for Thanksgiving!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  18. I wish I had seen this sooner, it is perfect!



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