Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somebody hide my wallet!

I altered a few pairs of pants tonight. And I voted. And I called the number to see if I have to report for jury duty tomorrow (which I do not--but I'm not off the hook yet for Thursday and Friday). I also decided that was enough work for one evening so I perused the internets and found the most delicious and fun online fabric shop. I'm always late to the party for things like this, so many of you are probably aware of this site already. But if you're not head on over to Super Buzzy and get giddy on the massive amount of Japanese yum. But leave your wallet somewhere far away. Here are some of my favorites:

I love the pure whimsy of these--

Circus Train

 County Fair

 Fairy Tale Friends

 Wonderland Awaits

And the folksiness of these--

Folk Patchwork

 Folk Christmas


And the retroness of these--

Vintage Christmas

 Sunday Morning

They also sell different kinds of bag handles:

Wouldn't these be adorable with the fabric just above? Makes me think of Valentine's Day...

 These pink plaid faux leather handles made me swoon--I've never seen anything like them, and they come in all different colors and patterns. They even sell the coordinating threads to sew them on.

They also have sewing supplies, books, buttons, charms, novelty erasers, miniatures, and trims. All kinds of Japanese cuteness in one spot. Something to think about for the c-word that is in less than two months, if you can believe it--I can't!

Hope your week is swell so far!

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  1. How fantastic, I love those retro-style fabrics! Hope you're week is good - nearly Friday ;-) Love from London x

  2. I love all those fabrics, they are so pretty! Thank you for visiting my blog, and I really appriciate your kind comment. :)

  3. Cheers from Iowa! So happy to find your wonderful blog! LOVE these prints! Oh my goodness!!! And the purse handles with hearts on them?? As my mumsy would say, "get outta town!!!" Ha! Love it all! Thanks for sharing!



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