Thursday, January 27, 2011 way I could help it...

You all know I'm experiencing an odd obsession with matryoshka dolls, right? So it shouldn't come as any surprise to you that, when presented with a specific project idea, I didn't even try to talk myself out of buying this:

I was going to start today, but after shoveling 16+ inches of snow I decided to be lazy instead. This weekend, hopefully. I ordered this fabric from Super Buzzy. I really like ordering from smaller shops and businesses instead of from your typical huge online retailers that don't really care about the product or the recipient's delight in receiving said product. I love getting these small-biz shipments because it's almost like unwrapping a gift to yourself. This one came with a little note of inspiration, and some Japanese candy:

I love how they also threw in that little "green" message at the bottom. Little touches like this really tickle me and make me more inclined to shop somewhere like this, even if they are pricier than other shops. The peach gummy on the right was delish. The other one left me feeling like I had licked a scented candle. I ate it anyway. I'm a trooper like that.

OK, so that's not so bad, right? A fabric in a theme I like, bought from a place I've been itching to buy from, for a project I saw that's adorable. It gets worse. Or should I say...better?

I tried to fight this next one. I even clicked away. But I could fight it no more and I'm completely geeked with my nonsensical purchase that I have no ideas for. Yet. It started off delightfully:

...and got better...

Yes, you're reading that right. It's tape. I love the whole Japanese Zakka thing going on...and I especially love the unique translation on the label. Here comes the best part. You might want to sit down.

I know, I know. I have no idea what I'm using it for. But I'm sure one day a situation will come along where someone will say "I really wish I had some pink matryoshka tape," and there I will be, saving the day, with three color options to boot. I couldn't bear to take the label off yet, though. I ordered this from the 'Felt Cafe' shop on Etsy. Again, small shop, small gesture that I love:

OK, I have to go listen to a flute recital. It's a riveting performance by an eight year old boy that features such classics as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Hot Cross Buns." Have a happy Friday!

OH! And I just hit 100 followers, and I'm almost at 200 posts. I smell a giveaway. Stay tuned!


  1. I totally know what you mean about ordering from smaller shops - you feel like a person instead of a number.

    Congrats on the posts and followers!

  2. I think you should indulge in whatever makes you happy! Enjoy it!
    Happy Weekend!!!!

  3. Cute girl and I soooooo get it! Trust me - one day you WILL need that tape. Looking forward to seeing your project!

  4. They are georgeous...I would have bought them too...just for the sake of it!

  5. I'd have bought the tape too Bethany! with no idea what I was going to do with it!

  6. Yay to 100 followers. I know the feeling. Gosh, I've been buying from the wrong places. I've never felt like a person where I shop online.

  7. Oh wow, I have some Matroshka fabric left and I just adore it. It's nice buying from people who care isn't it ~ you made me giggle with your sweeties, you are a trooper, I would have eaten it too :)
    That taps is just divine.
    Kandi x

  8. Hi Bethany!

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I love matryoshka dolls too! =] I hope I can find a dress with said dolls as a print (totally random). Anyhow, have a good weekend!

  9. So you and so cute! And SO YOU! :)

  10. And look:


  11. I have a matryoshka obsession as well. I recently purchased some cards and magnets from Isabell's Umbrella etsy shop. Here's a link, just fyi...

  12. So adorable! I agree... you'll find the perfect use :)



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