Thursday, February 17, 2011

Almost forgot to show you....

Hello, my dears. I adore getting packages in the mail, and I get geeky excited when they're from other countries. So I just wanted to pop in real quick and show you something that came through my mail slot last week from foggy old England.

Helen, who blogs at Serendipity Child, creates a variety of mixed media artwork that she sells in her Etsy shop. I don't  have endless decorating room right now but she does have a couple of pieces that I really like. I love the bright colors in this one:

image from here

But I love the truth behind this one:
image from here

Because doesn't it? I know in these here parts when things are being jerky someone always says "Who wants tea?"
So, here is what I bought:

A simple, pretty, double-sided keychain with a piece of her artwork made in miniature (and I adore things in miniature). It got here super fast, too. She sent me a delightful little note with it that I saved because it was so sweet. I'm trying to be much more conscious about buying things from smaller businesses instead of the pre-made, everyone-has-the-same stuff kind of stores. It's so much nicer to deal with real people, and there's always that extra little touch that makes you happy you did. Plus I am very much more interested now than I ever was in having things that are unique and handmade.

That's all I've got for now. Have a superbly delightful Friday!


  1. Same here I agree, I always look to Etsy and Folksy if I need a gift and can't make it myself. Although you are paying for the items, the care and personal touches that go into the item and the packaging make it feel like a gift!
    And you are right, Foggy Old England is indeed foggy today,and wet ~ well up in Northumberland it is anyhow.
    Kandi x

  2. Tea does make everything better. That's why I always start the day with a nice hot cup of lipton tea with sugar. Faith, hope and believe are three words I keep in my head esp when the day doesn't go so well.

  3. Hi Bethany, So it was YOU who bought that gorgeous key ring! I was just that bit too late! But I am the lady who actually has in her possession right now ..... the beautiful teacup picture! It really is beautiful, it is a birthday present for my daughter in law so Helen sent me one of her post cards of the same picture so I can still see it when the REAL deal has gone to its happy new owner :0)
    Helen is a very gifted and talented young lady, I love her blog and especially the picture you included at the beginning of your post.
    Well Bethany, have a lovely weekend,
    Bye for now, Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  4. Those are very sweet. It made me smile too, because the "tea quote" is something I have learned about in this country ;-) Have a great weekend xo

  5. So glad you love it Bethany! Thanks so much for posting about it too! What lovely followers you have here on your blog, they have left such nice messages.
    p.s. it's still foggy and I am still drinking tea to make it better!)



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