Monday, February 28, 2011

Every Girl Deserves a Dress

I've never participated in a sew-along before, have you? I think they look like a lot of fun, but they seem to be mostly for kids clothing. I've seen the cutest little dresses and skirts, with some of the neatest detailing, and really adorable things for little boys--but I have neither to sew for so it would be a bit of a waste. Sometimes I see them for bags, but I can knock those out on my own so they don't interest me. What appeals to me about a sew-along is that sense of community, of a bunch of people doing the same-ish sort of thing at the same time. I came across a sew-along today that has a wonderful sense of community and purpose, will enable me to sew a few cute things, and has the chance of ending up across the world.

Vanessa at Little Big Girl Studio is hosting a sew-along for the global charity Dress A Girl Around the World. It's a charity that delivers pillowcase dresses to little girls around the world, because every girl deserves a dress. You can learn more over at Vanessa's blog or by clicking here. I don't have any spare pillowcases laying around, so I plan on using up some of the things in my stash. Just thought you might be interested....


  1. What a beautiful idea..doesn't that little girl in the red dress look georgeous in the photo!

  2. Hi Bethany. Does your Mom blog too? WW is a great system to lose weight. It is healthy and not a diet at all. It teaches you eat the right portions, and the right foods. No food is off just have to count it!
    Have a great day Bethany!

  3. Yes, I most certainly agree - every little girl deserves a nice dress! What a great project!
    Bless you for using your talent so wisely!

  4. That's such a lovely and great idea, I'll have to pop over and check it out xo

  5. Checked it out and I am joining! Also asking other Dutch women to join and I offered to collect the dresses at my house and send them to the States. Thanks for pointing this out!



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