Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scandinavia, anyone?

We're supposed to have an ice storm tonight. Yay! No, not yay at all. I lurve me some snow, but ice is a scary nuisance. We've already lost a few trees due to heavy wet snow--my mother may by physically ill if we lose any more (my grandfather planted them many moons ago, and we tend towards sentimentality in these here parts). I feel too antsy to cut and sew, and I'm annoyed at my never-ending afghan because I had to frog a few rows and am now right back where I was when I sat down tonight (I really should be mad at myself and not the poor afghan, but I feel like blame-shifting right now).

Winter always makes my mind wander towards Scandinavian things ("Gee. I wonder why" says the sarcastic voice in my head). I have these grand plans to decorate at least one room in my future house in this style, mainly in red and white, but sometimes blue is there too. In my mind it is always an attic bedroom, with a whitewashed floor and white beadboard walls, and those angled ceilings where you can only stand in the center of the room without cracking your noggin. The only thing of any color in this vision is the quilt that is on the bed. Since the quilt is the only thing I can do anything about right now, I'm considering fabrics for a quilt for my non-existent Scandinavian abode.

Usually they're red:

I wish this one was red on white--wouldn't it look like holly berries in the snow?

And sometimes neither:

There's just one little problem. I'm on a fabric buying cease-and-desist until I use some of what I have. So I guess I better get moving. Looking at pictures of pretty fabrics always gets me in the mood to sew anyway...

Be safe and stay warm--this storm looks like it's some kind of monster for a lot of people!


  1. Oh love those fabrics. Stay safe out there. Hoping for no more felled trees!!! Stay safe!

  2. I love fabric with just one solid colour and white - blue & white, red & white....green & white maybe not so much. I can't imagine how scary ice storm is. Stay indoors!

  3. ooooh lovely choices! stay warm and cosy xxx

  4. Ok...you had me ordering the birds and trees. And many more. What a great shop! And I allowed myself to stop the fabric buying stop today ;-) Bad bad bad.

  5. an ice storm?!? yuck! we currently have no hot water and a new puppy which I have to have in the house becauseits so cold and I keep having to keep her out of things and have to wash my hands every 2 minutes in freezing water!...I'm a bit of a germaphobe...hehe...those fabrics are so pretty too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i very much enjoy the blue bird fabric. stopping over from sumo's sweet stuff, b/c you said philly, and i'm about 20 mins from there. it's nice to see east coast bloggers in the house!

  7. What is this cease and desist on fabric buying?! I feel the same way, so I have been sewing like mad so that I can get some more fabric! ;)

    I like the birds and trees fabric. Though I am a little bit partial to the sugar pop one because I am making a table topper out of that line right now!



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