Monday, February 21, 2011

Snuggly Story Time Quilt

Several months ago I was in desperate need of fusible fleece, so on my lunch break I went to Walmart to pick some up. Normally I don't buy fabric there anymore--there seems to be such a stigma attached to it that it worked it's way into my brain, even though I have never had a problem with anything I've made from fabric I've bought there. This is no longer a concern since Walmart has shut down their fabric departments in all stores near me. Anyway, I was blowing through the store when I saw, somehow, out of the corner of my eye, the most precious fabric. I immediately snatched it up because I just knew it would be something cute one day. They had another print that matched it so I got that too, thinking I'd make a quilt. And last week, that's precisely what I did.

I called it a cheater quilt because all I did was throw in some batting and quilt the two fabrics together--no patchwork, no applique, just sewing. But the more I thought about this I decided it's NOT a cheater quilt--my grandma made a quilt for my sister that's all white-work--it's two pieces of fabric and miles of intricate hand-quilting. This is far less complex, but it's a real quilt. It's completely reversible so you don't have to pick a favorite side:

This side is a mint green background with all sorts of Mother Goosey, nursery rhyme characters on it. They're kind of topsy-turvey--I think I would have liked it more directional, but not big deal.

 I love how, on this side, the quilting gives it a lattice effect that the vines appear to be climbing up and around, into a puffy white cloudy sky.

To give you an idea of the size here it is laid out on a twin bed:
I have no clue why this came out so blurry because it didn't look like that on my camera. Gremlins... Anyway, it goes from about the foot of the bed up to where the pillow starts, and is the exact width. Perfect for a crib, or a play-on-the-floor quilt, or to snuggle for story time.

Some of my favorite shots:
I don't know why it amuses me so, but I adore how she hung her basket like that.

 This is the only story I can't figure--Chicken Little? Henny Penny? The Little Red Hen? Let me know if you recognize it...

 I like this one because the pig in the sailor outfit looks like he's flipping someone off. Yes, I made the third little pig a naughty 'un.

To quilt it I just ran blue masking tape from corner to corner and stitched along the edge, moving it from the center to the edge. I hand-stitched the binding onto this one. My machine binding leaves much to be desired, but as it's usually only for me I don't care. But for this--I think it would be an adorable gift coupled with a few good books. So I hand-tacked it down. Once I got into the groove it went super-quick, and I had no difficulty whatsoever. I used fleece bias tape (which I'd never even heard of) on the edge of this--I thought it would be nice and soft on a baby's face. I'm kind of pleased with the binding--you can't really tell back from front (not too much, anyway), so it reverses nicely:

The corners were the only tricky parts but the fleece disguises any wonk.

I really have been enjoying the little quilting projects I've been doing lately. Who knows? I might finish that bow-tie quilt within the year. Don't hold me to that, though--I distract easily.

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  1. We don't have Walmart here and I've always been curious to know what it's equivalent to here. We used to have Kmart but it closed down. I've always enjoyed fabric with fairy tales characters. But they aren't easy to find. I love the little cases the pigs are carrying.

  2. Such a sweet pattern, and amazingly neat. Much better than mine!

  3. That is such a cute pattern. I love how simple you kept it and just let the print speak for itself.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. That's really beautiful those fabrics are just adorable! I did some freehand quilting the other day, I never throught to use masking tape, I will next time.
    Kandi x

  5. CUTE! Cute! Cute! Love the pattern! I actually found some of that same fabric! I made some childrens aprons! Who doesn't love the classic Fairy Tales?!

    Have a great week!
    love, Brenda

  6. A cute quilt..and I love that fleecy does look very soft!

  7. You are right - this fabric is super cute. And the quilt turned out great. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  8. Stopping by to support all the sponsors of the Spring Fling. I'm so excited about this, and thrilled to have Luxe Boulevard participating. It's going to be epic, EPIC I tell you!
    I'm allowed to be overzealous, right?

    I'm following your blog now!

  9. What a cute and simple quilt. I'm your newest follower. Be sure to stop by my blog Monday and add your project to the More The Merrier Monday Link Party.

  10. Hahahaha! I love the personality you appropriated for the 3rd pig. THE.BEST. :D

    And oh, love love love this project.

  11. I love the fabrics you chose! I used those same fabrics to make crayon rolls for a friend's children this past year and they loved them. Just a quick question, why is there a stigma about Wal-Mart's fabric. I've purchased tons of fabric from there and have never had any issues. It's exactly the same fabric you get at Hobby Lobby, which are the only two fabric shops open on the weekend where I live.

  12. so cute! lovely fabrics. A great quit to snuggle up while reading bedtime stories.

    Check out the giveaways with goodies for little girls on my blog

  13. Found your blog via TSWL, this is a lovely quilt, looks perfect for snuggles at story time! My boys would love to point to the pictures and have the story about that picture, if you know what I mean?! I shall have to find some if I can!

  14. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this at Fantastic Friday! I hope that you will join us again this week!

  15. so lovely quilt! thanks for sharing and linking up! we hope to see you again this week! ^^)



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