Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hexie Help

Guys? First--it's August! Holy hell--where has July gone? Dang, man! I'm not a fan of summer heat, but I'm also not a fan of time flying by. Second--my sewing machine has been uncharacteristically mum lately. I'm also behind in finishing a bag order....but I can honestly say it's because girl genius here neglected to check her zipper stash and had to place an order pronto.

But I also can't deny that the hexies may have something to do with it. I've got ten fabrics, and I made seven hexies in each fabric. Instead of doing a huge scrappy thing with no rhyme or reason I decided to do flowers--six hexies for the ring, and then one for the inside, switching them up a bit for contrast. While I had my rear end plopped on a porch cushion at Grandma's all weekend I sewed and sewed and sewed and now I have ten "flowers" made up.

This is where I need a bit of help, so puh-lease leave me a thought or two in the comments. OK--I 'm not entirely sure what I'm making yet. I don't have it in me to make a large quilt, and I don't want to make a baby quilt because it's too much work for a wee 'un. I have this piece of furniture in my bedroom that I think is technically a sideboard but I use it to hide junk I don't want on display. I've had this lacy thing on it since I bought it just because it was there, but I'm thinking I'd like to put these fabrics on display and make a runner for it out of them. I am going to make 20 flowers and see what size I get out of it. But I'm having a spot of trouble with the layout. I've got three I'm pondering and I'd like your opinion, if'n you don't mind--

#1 - shoving all the flowers together. I think this may be a bit too busy, but it's definitely scrappy.

#2 - Here I'm trying to simulate a layout with white hexies separating all of the flowers. I like how the white sets off each flower, but I'm wondering if this is too white.

#3--This one happened by mistake. I'd have to cut a bunch of diamonds and triangles (no biggie--I survived cutting the hexies) and drive myself a little crazy with the stitching, but I like this one. The white is there to set off each flower, but it's not too much white.

So what do you think? Which layout do you think would work best? I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have--there's always an angle I don't consider that someone else does, and sometimes it can be a pretty vital bit of info, so don't hold back :)

I'm off to watch these sporting events they've had on TV all week--seems like a pretty big deal in London right now :)  I'm probably going to put a flower or two together, too.

See you soon! Hopefully I'll have my computer back soon. Sounds like it needed to be totally restored. Ughhhhh--but yay for backing up your data!


  1. I like the third options. The diamonds add the needed white spacing and their shape adds an interesting contrast to the hexies. The flowers are all fantastic . Great job.

  2. I did the first layout myself years ago. All by hand and hand quilted... then in a crazy fit I sold the whole thing at a yard sale.(huh?) what was I thinking? Now, I would rather have the third layout if I ever, ever, ever do it again.

  3. My favourite has to be the 3rd. It is a lot of cutting out though, but i think it would totally be worth it!

    Failing that then the second layout is good too.

    All the best!!!!

  4. I vote 2 or 3 :o) That EPP, it sucks you in though... ;o)

    I'm actually off to London now to watch the rowing finals tomorrow morning :o)

  5. I know! August.....ugh!! Hot is right!!!
    Love your hexies!!! And can I just say it?....You crack me up!!!
    XO Kris

  6. I like the first option best, it looks so cheery and uhm well flowery.. :) Sometimes framing with white is a good thing but I think those cute flowers looks their best set together without dividing with any colour

  7. I vote for number three. Size wise it would probably fit nicely on the shelf, too.

  8. I like option three. But instead of cutting triangles, what about sewing them right on the white background and cutting the edges, finishing that? Or leave out the white, giving a cutwork effect?

  9. Ok... I really don't have much to say about the sewing stuff... I think you're great at it and all..but I would be ZERO help.. :-) I'm just here to tell you that from now on your computer and I are arch-nemesises (apparently there is no good plural of nemesis... so as usual when I dont know what to say I make shit up!!) Anyway .. I am going to battle one final time with your soundcard and then I quit... heh it's hard cause its a integrrated chip on your mobo...and they are no fun to get to in a laptop let alone fix ... I'll keep you posted. (Dons war helmet with one iron spike on the top) (always thought then were cool...) (sorry for spelling/grammatical errors...on my celly...) (I speak almost entirely in parenthetical notations....fascinating...)

  10. #2 is my favorite, but #3 is a real close second! :o)



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