Saturday, October 20, 2012

Comb Over

We're off to a wedding today, an event for which I will be donning a dress and heels. Heels!!! They're not even real heels, they're wedges, but I had to practice walking in them just the same because I don't do shoes that aren't flattish. I've got a shiny red minaudiere clutch, the perfect red lipstick, and back-up shoes so I can dance without breaking bones. I'm sure there will be pictures. If I don't look demented and weird I'll even show you :)

I've told you before that sister Alicia dabbles in beads and baubles and delicate little creations. My aunt (the mother of the bride) asked her to make her a comb for her hair. When I heard this I immediately had a flashback to those big plastic combs from the '80s that always seemed to come free with your ponytail holders but that no one ever wore, and if they did wear them you immediately classified them as a librarian. I don't know what I was thinking. This is Alicia, after all, who can smell tacky a mile away (at least I think that's why she wrinkles her nose at certain things. Like the jacket I bought at Target in a print I love but was questioning, but knew for sure should be exchanged the second she walked in the door and saw it. No words necessary. Just the 'look').

Anyway, she bought a bunch of stuff, and fiddled around with everything for a few evenings. She's very meticulous and likes things to be just so, so she made dang sure this fit her vision before she assembled everything for keeps. So here's the little beauty she made--

Each thing is an individual piece. Every time I walked by the arrangement I felt like I should tiptoe so as not to disturb it. It's got a vintage look to it that makes me think of the movie Titanic.

The comb itself is delicate so it buries in your hair and displays the embellishments without screaming "I'm a comb! I'm a comb!" No one wants that.

Doesn't she have pretty hair? She sent me these pics from her phone and shipped it off to our aunt right away. I can't wait to see it in action! It always makes me nervous, seeing something I made being used by the person I made it for. I wonder if Alicia thinks the same about this.

Ta for now! 


  1. That comb is beautiful! Alicia did an excellent job.
    Have fun wearing heels! I usually wear flats too, heels make me nervous. =)



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