Monday, October 22, 2012

Get a Clue

I don't want anyone to get too excited and back-flip out of their chair or anything. No need for injuries, folks. However, a hearty chair dance would be more than acceptable. And a normal response would be a quiet little murmuring of "Oh, how 'bout that." That's sewing normal. Regular normal is "Who cares? You're a geek."

Whatever. I just noticed that this was coming out next month.

And there's a panel that goes along with it.

I've read every single one of these. Multiple times. I got annoyed when they changed the covers from those glorious matte covers to the practically neon yellow plasticy feeling covers. I probably wouldn't have minded if it didn't mean that my collection had mismatched covers. Things like that annoy anal retentive people.

Here's the geekiest thing you will learn about me (I think). I first read Nancy Drew when I was in fourth grade. I immediately decided that I too would be a girl detective. My friends weren't readers, so I had a hard time convincing anyone to be my Bess and George sidekicks. I was going to have to go solo. My approach was this: I would walk up to people and say something like "Hey. I'm a detective now, so if you have any mysteries you want solved just let me know." My first case was to find out if Skyler liked Lisa, because she really liked him. Here's how I solved it. I walked up to Skyler and said "Hey. Do you like Lisa?" He said "Who's that?" I pointed her out--she was the one standing there like Captain Obvious practically drooling into her fruit cup while gazing at him with gooey eyes. He said "No, she's too loud. I don't like loud girls." I said OK, and reported my findings: "He doesn't like you. You're too loud." She said "Do I have to pay you for that?" I told her she was my first official case so it was free. You probably don't need me to tell you that she was my only case. I now confine myself to solving cases with the NCIS team from the comfort of my couch.

Any upcoming fabric lines you're excited for?


  1. Lol, can't wait to see what you do with it! Know what you mean about the mismatched covers though, the people that make those decisions just don't get it!

  2. Bwahhh, you would have made a fab detective :0)x

  3. i read nancy drew too. i would love some hardy boys as well. and how about the 3 investigators?



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