Monday, October 29, 2012

Whi-yi-yi-yi, Saaaan-dy....

It's certainly a good day to curl up and watch Grease or finish a book or get some stitching done. Here in Philadelphia we're dealing with quite the storm, as is much of the east coast right now. They started talking about Hurricane Sandy at the end of last week, and I was skeptical until my boss called me yesterday and told me not to come in today. And then called again this morning to say don't come in tomorrow, either. That's unprecedented for my workplace. I'm giddy like a kid on a snow day. What to do? Should I clean something? Sew up an order? Organize my stash? way. That's for ordinary days when there isn't buckets of rain and increasing winds.

I finished my granny square afghan last night--it's now tumbling around in the dryer getting ready to meet my camera. I've got a book I'm this close to finishing (holds up fingers a wee bit apart) so I'm going to get some tea and do that. And then I think I well get my put-aside-for-now hexie project and make some progress on it. I know I'll be sorry and wish I had done something with my sewing machine when the power goes out (fingers crossed that doesn't happen), but a two-day break from work is a time to do things that get set aside for a rainy day. Plus the cutting and ironing seems so much like work that I just don't have it in me to do it today.

I know I've been lax on blogging lately--it's just that life has gotten in the way and the only things that have been going on lately are those urrrrggghhhh moments no one wants to read about. I haven't stitched much except for a few little things for the shop (but the light is so poor I won't even try for photos today). OH! I've been updating my shop with fun Christmas stockings and other goodies. I've got more to come, but yeah....the gloomy lighting. Blech.

So I'm off to curl up and read and wait for who-knows-what to happen. If you're in Sandy's path, stay safe and dry. And if you're not, take pity on the rest of us, will ya?

Later taters!


  1. Oh, I hope that you weather the storm okay. It sounds like you have all the essentials, thoughh... tea, a good book and fabric to play with. Stay safe, other Bethany

  2. Don't apologise for not blogging often enough - life is more important! Enjoy the time off and stay safe and warm indoors xo

  3. Stay safe Beth! I hope it'll pass as painful as it can be!
    btw I saw your cute stockings!It's the season to hooootttt!!!

    take good care

  4. Flippin heck those maps are scary, I hope you stay safe and it is over soon for you, I'll send some positive vibes your way!
    Oh Sandy... xx

  5. I love Grease! Enjoy your time off work, and I am praying for your safety and everyone else's in the path of the storm!!
    XO Kris

  6. I read your post but couldn't comment so left it till now to try again. Since yesterday I've been humming away to the Sandy song from Grease. LOLLL
    Hope you are safe!!



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