Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few for Friday - #11

You know what's fun about watching old TV, other than the feeling of nostalgia, of a faint memory of being in your pj's, all snuggled on the couch ready for bed once you were finished your chocolate milk and Doritos? Eighties fashion and home decor trends. I wonder what things will be like in twenty-five years when we look back and think "Well, EVeryone had wallpaper like that back then, I wouldn't buy it NOW!" It makes me interested, but sad.

Anyhoodle--here are a few snaps from my week.

We finally got a bit of snow on Friday. Nothing fun. It was gone by the time work was over as the rain had started, so I was glad I got a pic of it. I'm still holding out for a good storm. When my mother is giving up hope for a blizzard I remind her that on April 1, 1997 it snowed several inches in near blizzard conditions. I remember that one because I thought it was a particularly nice April Fools' Day joke by Mother Nature.

I'm beginning to think I have a doughnut problem. People bring them to me and say things like "This had your name written all over it." I love yummy treats, but I don't love increasing my girth.

 This is the dumbest question ever (and the blurriest photo) but what food do these shoes make you think of? I have to say chocolate covered cherries. It's weird the directions my brain will travel right before lunch.

 I made a little prezzie for Aiden. I love quick projects that take about an hour and come out so cute. I'll try to get a pic of him looking at it - he makes the cutest little excited faces.

 Some days I wish I was my dog. 

 Finishing up a school project with Z-man tonight. He asked for this ridiculously large artist's kit for Christmas one year, and I was only too happy to oblige. Alicia and I would have both asked for the same thing when we were younger. I would have bled everything dry and saved the fancy box. Alicia would still have hers shrink-wrapped in the closet because she wouldn't have wanted to use it.

Now I must get back to watching ALF. I loves me some Gordon Shumway :)  "You're the one who's out of this world, sweet baby! You're the one who's out of this world...."


  1. Hah, people will say 'Well, EVeryone had chevron (or ombre) walls back then, I wouldn't do it NOW!' But even in the 80's there must have been people like me, who did NOT follow the trends. =)
    Cherries were the first thing I thought of too... those shoes look delicious. (And cute!)
    And ridiculously large artist's kits were always on my wishlist when I was younger... and once I actually received one! =)

  2. You always make me laugh!!!

  3. ALF!!! That was my little brother's favorite show. He even had an ALF doll that he slept with every night. It's currently a chair saver in his office.

    And those shoes are cute! I thought about chocolate covered cherries too when I saw them. Great minds must think alike.

  4. When I was little my Nainy always told me to eat my greens - I think, on that basis, that doughnut counts as one of your 5-a-day! :)

  5. Ha, I don't think you have a doughnut problem, so much as a 'no' problem ;o) (I have the same problem, so I'm rather glad my new colleagues aren't into the constant sweetie supply the old ones were)

  6. Your shoes remind me of Boston Baked Beans! haha



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