Friday, March 29, 2013

A Few for Friday - #13

Do you remember in grade school when you used to squirt Elmer's glue on your hands and rub them together, and wait for it to dry so you could peel it off? No? Just me? Well I've just finished doing the adult version of that. Which is peeling glue off your hands after spending the evening making sunglasses cases. When you stitch things together in an assembly line fashion you'd be amazed how quickly you can make a bunch of those! Of course the glue fumes can get to you...which may be the case right now. So I'll show you some pictures.

I finally found some bunches of tulips for sale. I thought these were going to be red, but they're not--

 They're this orangey color instead. Here they are basking in the evening sunshine (I still maintain that daylight saving time is stupid and should be abolished but I do like that I get to appreciate the late day sun).

 Hopefully I'll have a bunch of purses finished and ready to pop in the shop soon. Frame purses are still one of my favorite things to make--you can make one in under an hour and they'd make great gifts, especially with a few little treasures tucked inside.

 I have never been to IHOP before today. And I'll be fine if I never go to another. First, the calories! Whoa! This waffle was from the diet menu, but the butter and syrup took care of any calorie savings. The one near us isn't the cheeriest place. We ended up going, interestingly enough, because this one thought that the other wanted to go, and then someone else thought that another really liked that place, and it turns out none of it is true but we didn't get the "then why the hell are we here?" looks on our faces until halfway through when we realized it all.

Yes, I was asked to make something out of this fabric. Oddly, I found it just across the bridge at a fabric shop in New Jersey. Usually when I need something unusual I have to order it from a gazillion light years away but this was easy. I dragged Z-man with me as the alternative was grocery shopping with my parents, so he decided even fabric was more interesting.

As I was searching for cotton pickles I heard "Aunt Bee, I found something I want." I was wondering what smart-a$$ comment I was in for, but here he found some New England Patriots fleece and he wanted a blanket. I didn't do anything but trim it (he didn't want me to edge it at all) and he's snuggled up in bed with it (there's no school this week, and he likes to sleep over so we got to hang out today).

And now I must trot. Enjoy your Friday! Especially if it's part of a long weekend, as it is for me :)


  1. Oh, I like the kid. He didn't want you to mess up his blanket with edging! hahahaha At least you got to trim it.

  2. A post to make me smile - though that gherkin fabric is very strange, nearly freaky :-0 "Diet" wasn't exactly the first word that came to my mind when I saw that waffle, you Americans clearly have a very different definition of that word (ok, only kidding!) ;-)

    Yay! Long weekend here! Right now it's sunny, but it's still butt-freezing and many parts of the UK are in for a "White Easter" which is really rubbish. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful Easter with your family xo

  3. I have just ordered some glue to make my first purse, it was a free gift on the front of Mollie makes. it's a bit scary. The tulips are beautiful I love spring flowers.

  4. Tulips are always cheap here!! :-)

  5. Loved the tulips, I thought they were a red color also. I like your change purses very well.

  6. Hope you don't get into too much of a pickle with that fabric... ;o) (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    My friend I was travelling with last October loves IHOP, but we managed to only go twice (thankfully they haven't reached the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley yet!) I only had the pancakes though, and I didn't even kid myself anything was going to be diet lol



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