Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trying to Avoid Being on Hoarders...

I'm totally over my "I'm not sewing anymore!" rant brought on by tiredness and frustration. I'm good now. I'm going to sew. Not right now, I'm doing this right now, but tomorrow. I decided/discovered/realized that I have entirely too many purse frames for any normal person to have. All different sizes and shapes. I figure I better start using them before I end up on a very special episode of 'Hoarders.'

So I pulled out a box of scraps--

--and a few stacks--

--and mixed and matched to make up a few hypothetical purses. More than a few, but they're hypothetical right now so I don't have an exact count...I could if I went and counted but I don't feel like getting up right now.

That's a bunch but it's not everything. I don't want to make duplicates and I don't have a ton of fabrics that go with the bronze frames so I had to stop. But it looks like someone will be high on glue fumes in the days to come (unintentionally, guys. I'm not a junkie). Are you guys working on anything fun right now?

OH! And I haven't forgotten that I want to do a sew-along for this bag (also see it here). I'm just waiting for a free Saturday with sunshine so the pictures will be good. I even have the fabric and everything ready and waiting :) Ta for now!


  1. Hi, I'm a relatively new follower, I'm really enjoying reading your blog. What a wonderful photo - all those potential bags piled up and ready to go :)

  2. I started using HT2 glue recently for my hair accessories. It's so much better than E6000. Once I was using E6000 and my chest felt very tight and I couldn't breathe. Almost fainted. I staggered to the kitchen and had a drink and soon felt better. HT2 has a smell too but at least no tight chest pains.

  3. So that's what you're doing tomorrow morning - what about the afternoon! Really looking forward to seeing some of the results.I've just got a free purse frame with Mollie Makes magazine and we just keep staring at each other with mutual horror at the mo - inspiration is definitely welcome x Jane

  4. I so need to do this, I have far too many purse frames too!

  5. Hello, I'm new to your blog. The other day, I finished a Wave purse/tote bag from your blog..I LOVE it. I read (on a past post) that you will be doing the other bag and I can hardly wait :) I think I have the perfect fabrics...ones that have been waiting for the right purse to use them on. Until then I'm working on a quilt for my daughter. I am a beginner quilter and still have lots to learn on that craft but I'm having fun with it. Thank you for your tutorials! I'm having fun reading your blog (first one I have ever followed) ;) Shanel

  6. Good to see you back in the mood for sewing. I bought one frame for a purse nearly two years ago and still haven't plucked up the courage to make it. Can't wait for the sew along. Thanks.



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