Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Few for Friday - #23

I may just be perceiving this particular year as the fastest ever. I was going over upcoming things in June (car inspection, my nephew's first birthday, the other nephew's fifth grade graduation, Father's Day, etc.) and it hit me that it's June!!! Time is chugging by so quickly that I feel like it shouldn't even have been Easter yet, much less Memorial Day. Before you know it it'll be Christmas. Have you started your shopping yet? :)

Here's my week in a photographic nutshell:

My mom bought Zach a water balloon pumping thingee, so of course he wanted to do that on very hot Sunday afternoon. I was being a bit of a ninny about overfilling them and having them explode and splash on me, but he figured out the best way to get a perfect fill--"I think we have to experiment before we fill too many to find the best method." Yeah, he's my nephew. And if there was ever any doubt--my brother's friend's little girl got squirted by Zach with water, and she said "He watered me like a flower." She's three--I thought that was adorable language for a tot. My sister said "What a great metaphor." And Zach promptly informed her "It's actually a simile. She said 'like.'" I'm training him well.

I'm not tech svvy enough to crop out the power lines but that sky looks pretty anyway. The winter's purply-pink sunsets have turned to orangey-pink for the summer.

 That's just a funny-shaped carrot.

 MONTHS ago I was more than pleased to take a quilt-in-progress off of Katy's hands that she had lost interest in, as well as a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips. This week I finally had the time to stitch everything together. I thought I was going to leave it be as a throw, and then use the jelly roll to make aNOTHer throw, but decided to make it an actual twin-sized quilt since how many throw quilts can one have? I know, never enough :) I had to get a little more fabric to finish it up, but it's almost there. Hopefully my brand-new-broken-sewing-machine-issues will be resolved by then so I can quilt this one with some fun stitching. 

 I bought the Seafarer Top pattern from Sew Much Ado. Oh my heavens I love it! It's so flattering, it's plenty long, and quite forgiving in the tummy area. I've only made one but have plans for more. I decided to try my hand at a few alterations just to have some options, so we'll see how that goes. Pattern play will come in quite handy with teaching my sister to sew--she wants to make clothes and if you haven't noticed I tend towards bags since they don't have to fit. I'm hoping this works out on my practice fabric (it was supposed to be actual fabric but wasn't as cute in real life as online so it'll now be relegated to muslin status). I changed the sleeve style and the neckline and I'm quite excited to stitch away.

And--no picture for this one but I found it highly amusing. My mother is quite goofy and my father is quite serious (I have both traits within me, leading each parent to proclaim at times "You're just like your father/mother!" which is quite confusing at times... Anywho, they put new light fixtures in the kitchen, and of course picked the heavy ones that require two people. My mother is on a ladder, my dad is on a chair, I'm handing up tools and saying helpful things like "I must interject that this would be safer if you killed the circuit." It was very warm, and when my dad gets hot he gets cranky (another trait we share). So while trying to screw the fixture into the ceiling this is the exchange I was privy to:

Dad: Stop making it go up.
Mom: I'm not! How am I making it go up? I'm just holding it!
Dad: You're moving it. I want it to be level. 
Mom: What's the big deal if it's going up? Just push it in!
Dad: Keep it straight! It works better!
Me: shaking with laughter with the phrase 'That's what she said' running through my head.
Mom: How much longer?
Dad: You're still making it go up! Keep it straight! How hard is it?
Mom: laughing and about to drop the light.
Dad: Yeah, that's real funny.
And then the Chinese food came. Conversation over.

Happy Friday! I'm glad it's here! I've got big sewing plans--good thing Lola is still functioning beautifully or I'd be quite the sourpuss right now.



  1. OMG..I am ROLLING with laughter here!! That convo is priceless! Especially with your "that's what she said" interjection! Oh my....your parents remind me of us!
    Oh...when Brazillian Blowouts became popular in the salons....I asked my daughter once..."So..what do you think about those Brazillian Blow Jobs?"
    Yeah...I said that!
    xo Kris

  2. Oooh, looking forward to seeing the quilt :o)



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