Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zip Along: Links for You

Perhaps I shouldn't have called my zip tutorial series 'zip along' as the month has zipped along, and here we are at pretty much the exact halfway point for this year.

 I know. I'm aware. I may have a zipper hoarding problem.

Now that you've conquered your fear of putting a zipper into a pouch :) I've been looking around for some links to share with you for further motivation. All show an alternate method of putting in a standard zipper, or have a fun shape. One is a pattern for purchase, but the rest are free tutorials. I've got all of these pinned or bookmarked and they're all on my "one day" list. So you can give them a crack or add them to your list too :)  One note: if you'd like to pin these please click on the link below the photo and pin from the original site.

This may look like an ordinary zipper pouch, but the way that Flossie Teacakes inserts the zipper gives it that nice square look we all strive for without seeming to shrink the opening due to bulk or restricting the opening with stitching.

Noodlehead inserts the zippers in these pouches so that they open nice and wide.

Michelle Patterns (formerly Keyka Lou) shows how to make this cute curved dumpling pouch. The zip insertion method looks quite fun. And now I've elevated myself to true geek status with that last statement :)

I have always been a sucker for cutely shaped little pouches--how stinkin' cute is this one by Ricochet and Away?

This one over at Craft Passion caught my eye for the interesting shape and the gusset peeking out from the zipper.

During Quiet Time has a reasonably-priced pattern for sale for this cute hexie case.. Imagine the fun you could have picking out the fabrics for this one! Endless theme options!!

Finally--a note on zippers. As though you couldn't tell from the first pic, I buy zippers in bulk. Even in colors that I've never used and don't foresee myself using. I tend to choose ones that are pretty long, as most go in handbags, but I also cut them and add a pull to the half that is now lacking one. I don't really like buying pre-packaged zips as I can't change out the pull (for some reason they don't grip the Coats and Clark brand) and they cost way more than you need to pay. Since I use zips a lot it's easier for me to buy in bulk. My brand of choice is YKK. Here are a few shop links so you can stock up.

  •  Zipper Stop:  Nestled in the garment district of NYC they've got everything--all sizes and makes and colors. They ship quickly and are priced well. 
  • Zip It: This Etsy shop has a great selection, is priced nicely, and offers lots of options.
  • Ah Kwok Buckles: You can buy a loooong roll of zipper tape here and just keep trimming and adding pulls until you run out. I don't do that, but I DO buy my zipper pulls here. I buy size 3 since I buy size 3 zippers (the standard size) but they also sell the larger size 5. This is where I buy my purse frames, too. They sell everything in small or large bulk and are priced pretty well.

So there you go! Lots of options, lots of fun.  And none so big that if you make a few boo-boos that don't want to become design features it won't be devastating to your fabric stash. Happy sewing!


  1. Some great links to Tutes!!!

  2. great post!!!I like all of them specialy a last one!

  3. I just started sewing again since I purchased my new Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 sewing/embroidery machine. I'm practicing decorative and embroidery stitches and designs as I sew little cosmetic bags. And I've discovered many sewing blogs like yours that I'm following now. I recently discovered zippers in bulk at one of my local sewing stores for just $89 each so I bought about 30 of them in different colors. It's so much fun to make the little bags - they are great to practice on and I plan to make some to give away at Christmas. Thanks for sharing these different bags and the info on where to buy zippers in bulk online. That is great information. You have a lovely blog and I'm using your tutorials too.



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