Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Few for Friday - #24

I think I have a problem. Like an addiction kind of problem. It's Candy Crush, you guys. I am stupid, beyond-all-sanity addicted to it. I've been sitting here going back and forth between playing it on my computer and on my phone since they don't seem to sync up so I get double the lives for double the devices. It's a problem. I even deleted it once, around level 120. Then I got curious if I clicked on it again if it would remember my levels or if I would have to start over. It remembered. I'm on level 201 now.

I did stop swapping digital candy to take a few pictures this week, though :)

My granny stripe is zooming along nicely, considering the limited time I've had to work on it. I've even got the ends worked in. Can't wait until it's finished--after two restarts I'm ready for different colors.

 One of the teachers at the school my mom works at gave the ladies in the office some roses. Aren't they purdy?

 I can't go a week it seems without showing you a dietary indulgence. A guy at work is retiring after a gazillion years, so they had a small office party. One of the girls made these cupcakes. Maybe the best cupcake I've ever eaten, no lie. Good thing I got the last one because I'd have surely taken more.

 My mother's hydrangeas have exploded this week. There are so many blooms on this bush. Did you know that if you put a nail in the soil near the bush it turns them blue? And if you don't they turn out some other color (I believe pink)? Something about iron. My dad explained it, my eyes glazed over, he probably mentioned ions or something.

 This is not a black and white photo. This was the sky for the most part of today. They were calling for wild thunderstorms that never really happened, but the skies sure were scary looking.

And that's pretty much it. My projects this week all seemed to have some delays so I don't have a single finish to show you. But I will soon. I took a day off from work tomorrow to cross a variety of things off my to-do list. We'll see how I do. Have a good weekend!


  1. Lovely crochet! I don't get computer games, I'ma wááááááy to sophisticated for them **watches Patrick Swayze movies** ;-)
    Happy weekend,

  2. You should leave candy crush while you can. It had me in its grips once. Now I'm free. Join me. Come towards the light.

  3. I have been stuck on Level 135 for weeks now :( I too play on both my iphone and on FB, but for some reason on this level the "orders" are different - on one of them I need to get 6 wrapped candies, on the other I need to match together 2 wrapped candies twice. Do you know how hard it is to get wrapped candies??? Aaaargh... I may be with Jane P. on this one!

  4. You are so funny, candy crush indeed!!! I, on the other hand, am a true intellectual as I spend my life playing WorDrop. I go to bed at night saying in my mind, "rein, rain, pas sap ..." well, you get the picture, I honestly think I'm losing my mind over these words!!! Meanwhile, my DD closed every tab on my computer the other day, and lost my place on your blog in 2010 somewhere - you'll be glad to know I'm now speaking to her again. Today my goal is to find my place and continue reading. I must be thankful that her losing my place has at least prolonged my happy reading! Mary

  5. I am also totally addicted to Candy Crush! Those lives can't refill fast enough! Your granny stripe blanket is coming along nicely :) ~Stephanie



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