Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stitch Snob

When I learned to knit almost ten years ago I started paying attention to sweaters and stitches and cables and neckbands and sleeves and all that jazz. I was obsessed with scarves, and just how that particular stitch was done, and where the yarn came from and so on. The same thing happened when I learned to sew. I would think things like "Oh, that blouse would be a great print for a bag lining" or "I wish I could buy the fabric that skirt is made from." And I still do it, but more...specifically. I can't turn it off. Bags and garments and other fabricy bits are everywhere you go. You can't get away from it and it begins to consume all your thoughts. Here are a few snippets I caught myself thinking recently--some in church (of all places), some at PA Turnpike rest stops last week (on the way to and from Grandma's house), some at work, and so on. Some of them I think to myself, others I nudge and whisper. All of them indicate that I need to broaden my horizons :)

  • Whoever hemmed that skirt did it for someone wearing heels. She shouldn't be wearing flats.
  • Look at that hem--that is the straightest hem I have ever seen in my life.
  • If she took that in just a little bit on the sides the fit would be so much more flattering and the world wouldn't be seeing her bra.
  • I wonder if she'd let me have a closer look at her handbag to check out the zipper.
  • Ooo, I really like the top-stitching on that skirt.
  • Piping really DOES make everything better.
  • Do you see how her zipper looks like a seam? That's an invisible zipper.
  • I think someone's measurements were a little off when they marked those buttonholes. Those buttons aren't serving much of a purpose where they are right now.
  • I wonder where you get the fabric to make a coat like that. Maybe she'll just give me her coat.
  • Ooo, those bust darts are not placed well.
  • Somebody hemmed their jeans by hand.
  • I want those flowers printed on fabric. And then I want bolts of it.

And it goes on. I started taking an online Craftsy course on tailoring ready-to-wear, and I've gotten so much more stitch-picky since then. It took three-and-a-half decades for it to happen, but I think I'm now a snob.

How about you? Does your hobby invade your thoughts when you're doing things totally unrelated? Tell me I'm not the only one.


  1. i crochet but i wish i had learned to Knit

  2. Too funny Bethany. I actually have the same thoughts when it comes to bags and purses, but I actually have gone up to people and asked them to let me take a picture of their item so I can remember it for later. No one, as yet, has said no to me!

  3. Yes! I started out quilting and wanted to make every quilt I saw. My 85 year old mother tells me that will never go away . . . she should know . . . she's still stitching. I am into bags now & every piece of clothing I see I think "That would make a gorgeous bag!" And, I look at every woman's bag to see how it's made, are there zippers, grommets, have a gusset, can I take a photo of your bag? Yes, I have done that! Don't feel alone . . . but if you happen to have a touch of OCD like I do, it doesn't get better. My life is pretty lonely right now as my last child left so I'm kinda thankful for this distraction. I have been addicted to worse things. ;)

  4. So funny, I do that all the time. I'm so often commenting on fabric, patterns, yarn and trims to family and colleagues that I sometimes forget myself and do it to complete strangers. I told a lady I loved the fabric her dress was made of - and then realised she was giving me a funny look because I didn't know her! I probably shouldn't be allowed out!

  5. Luckily I can keep most of my thoughts to myself but I recently purchased three dresses that weren't expensive but weren't exactly cheap. When I got home I started to notice everything that was wrong with them! I wouldn't stand for that when I make something.

    I also wonder if I get funny looks when out and about as I'm constantly looking at what people are wearing and quite often I have to stop myself staring at pieces that are really good or awful!

  6. Oh that's given me the giggles - mainly because I recognise some of those comments especially 'maybe she'll just give me her coat!' Jane x

  7. Ha, I do that all the time! And not just with people either... I'll think, "That dress doesn't fit that mannequin" and "I love the seaming on that jacket!"

  8. I had to report for jury duty in Philadelphia this week and every day on the train I checked out all of the handbags, tote bags and lunch bags the female (and male!) passengers carried. This morning I fell in love with my seatmates black and chartreuse bag...actually it was the fabric, not so much the bag. She got off the train before I could get up the nerve to ask about it. Thankfully I've been released from jury duty and don't have to put myself under that kind of stress tomorrow!

  9. Lol, apparently it's invaded my parents thoughts too, every time I see them at least one of them has spotted 'the perfect thing' for me to try and recreate, with varying abilities to explain it to me o.O Since I work in an IT department, my tailoring thoughts are more reserved for the call centre team further down the office, mainly for a couple of women who probably look at me with pity over my wardrobe (but at least mine fits ;o) )



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