Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Few for Friday - #28

It's been a weird week of ups and downs. On Monday I forget what sparked it but I suddenly became very aware of how much weight I've put on, so I was all blah. Then on Tuesday I finished a shirt I had just received the pattern for, and was all yaaaayyyyy! because I loved it. On Wednesday I was all "Sewing, you can go sit on it" because what I thought was going to be a cute knit skirt ended up making me look like a hippo in a long tutu. And then today I was all "Skiddely dee!" because Janome called me on the second round of repairs on my almost brand new sewing machine and I'm getting a brand new replacement (and I'll finally tell you the tale). And now here we are on Thursday, where I spent a fun evening with Z-man playing video games and being quite silly. Tomorrow is Friday, the boss is on vacation, I had a highly productive week at work, and I'm looking forward to some weekend sewing. And now for some random photos.

A little soon, eh? I'm not fond of summer but this is crazy.

I always wonder how people lose shoes randomly. Especially here, at the very edge of a storm sewer.

Ever play Qwirkle? You have to make rows of different shapes of all one color, or different colors in all the same shape. We're constantly telling my mom "No, you can't put that one there because there's already a circle" or something like that, and yet she always wins.

I bought this most perfectly shaped bowl at Michael's. If they had them in white I'd have bought every last one and made them call all the surrounding stores to see if they had any. Then I would have filled them with strawberries and taken pictures. As such, an orange button bowl is cute too.

Right in the middle of the kitchen floor seems like a good spot, right? Why are boys like that? I've never come across one who thinks "Let me find a nice out of the way place for my crap."

I'm hoping to snap some pics for you of my sister in the skirt she made. That's a tale in and of itself. Have a good weekend!


  1. I have been having a week JUST like that! Clients not paying invoices, getting a new writing job, sewing mishaps, communication mishaps, sewing a great new bag. It's so tiresome! When I mentioned it on Twitter someone said it has to to the Mercury being in retrograde (uh huh, but yeah... I googled) and apparently, this will all be over after July 20th! :-)

  2. I hear you on the weight thing. Sometimes I don't care that I'm fat (I'm NOT calling you fat btw), sometimes I do... Been a strange week all round I htink.

  3. Urgh, playing catch up again! And yes, I'm right with you on the weight thing *sigh* Some really not flattering photos popped up from FQR, and even if a dear friend did say 'You're not that big' ya know what, I'm not comfortable. So yeah, I wish you luck in conquering it



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