Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two Hipsters Walk Into a Bar...

I have certain fabrics sitting on my shelf that cannot be used for other things as in my head they've been earmarked for certain things. Even if I've got them tagged as such for a few years, it doesn't matter, as one day it will most definitely be a such-and-such. Last year I bought a bright orange and white striped fabric, thinking it would be a hipster bag. And it finally became one. It was quite patient about it, too. Part of the long wait it had to endure was the fact that I couldn't find the strap hardware I had purchased--I put it in that place we all have where things go that we don't want to forget where we put them. I can't wait to find that place in my house, because I've got so much good stuff there, I'm sure.

Anyway, I cranked out a very basic bag--front pocket, top zip, no bells and whistles, as my main motivation was to use the hardware.

 Great size, a little plainer than I had envisioned. It needed that flower.

Amazing how a fabric circle and some buttons can change the look of something.

 The strap is sewn into the zipper, instead of on the edges of the bag. It's totally adjustable, too...

 I always thought strap sliders looked so scary. They're one of the easiest things to use, once you get it straight what goes where.

See? The back is a little plain. The front looked like this as I was really careful about lining up the stripes. 

So that was the first one I made. I still had hipsters on my mind, and had fun inserting that hardware and wanted to do it again (folks, there is no limit to sewing-related geekery in these here parts). So I trotted to Joann's during lunch and snapped up some fabric I had been eye-balling for a while but hadn't bought as I had no plan, and I'm trying to behave when it comes to fabric. If you follow my page on Facebook, you saw a little fabric preview of this one, and now here is the bag--

 Front and back. The back doesn't look as plain on this one.

I majorly love this fabric. The word that kept coming to mind was 'powdery' for some reason--it didn't disintegrate in my hands or anything,  but the colors were so soft and muted, yet with a touch of vibrancy to them. Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear (anyone wanna name the movie that's from?).

The front of this one has a beefy slip pocket as well as a zip pocket. I had to add the flower as the fabric (which is also the lining) seemed too perfect not to use. And I finally got to use that yellow zipper--I have a few in my stash for some reason and feared I'd never find a project for them. 

I used a pattern for this one, and the only thing I would change is the zipper insertion method. It was so weird, and made the bag feel so restrictive and didn't provide a neat finish at all--I had to take it apart and redo it my own way. I made my usual suspension bridge style zipper, but instead of sewing it to the lining, I sewed it into the seam of the lining where the top band meets the bottom part. Now it's perfect.

I do love some snazzy hardware. Instead of using only one ring and the slider (as I did for the orange one) I used two rings and the slider on this one. I thought it might make a bigger difference to the finished product, but not really.

On this one the inside only has a slip pocket, but take a gander at that lovely dotty lining. Love it! And it's a nice sturdy weight, too.

Isn't that fabric just the bee's knees?

For a change I used a medium weight sew-in instead of fleece for the interfacing on this one--I love the structure it gives, but it's still nice and soft. I think I'll be stocking up on that stuff, for sure (it was Pellon 50 if you're curious). The orange one uses my usual fusible fleece.

These were pretty fun to make, but I loved the fabrics and the hardware.These are both in my shop, if you're interested. See you soon!


  1. I have several things in that place where stuff is put so I won't lose it. If you find it, could you send it home?
    I love your second bag, and yes, that fabric is the Bee's Knees.

  2. I love them both but the style and fabric of the second one I really adore.

  3. Ha! The first part of your post really cracks me up because I could have written it. I totally have fabric still sitting untouched a couple of years later because it has been ear marked for something specific. I may have several bits of fabric like this;)

    Lovely totes too!

  4. Oh wow, I'm looking at the closeups of the flowery bag and can't help but be really, majorly impressed. The details are amazing and put together so neatly - wow! Love the first bag because of the happy orange stripes which remind me of deck chairs :-)

  5. Well done missie!! I love them too!! (They don't look anything like something a Luther Vandross fan would make, ha!) :-)

  6. I love that second bag... the fabric is too beautiful! And you are right, it does seem 'powdery'. =)

  7. Cute bags!! I love the fabric on the 2nd bag! Thanks for sharing at Whatever Goes Wednesday!



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