Friday, August 2, 2013

A Few for Friday - #31

Hi kids! I can't believe it's Friday already. And August. I mean...sheesh. I was sitting at my sewing machine for almost all of my spare moments this week and now here we are. And as I'm sleeeeeeepy I'm going to keep it brief and jump to the photos. And the chatter. I've always got the chit-chat for you.

So that's annoying, right? The stitching on the opposite side has the dye from the print running over it so you'd never notice it when cutting it off the bolt. Good thing I messed up the project and had to get more anyway, so it's almost like it never happened.

 Yeah, thems geckos. A co-worker is in Cambodia this week. The last time he was there he told me all kinds of stories of how the geckos abound in the rooms, and when you turn the light on they scamper  and hide and how he swears he felt one whiz by his ear while he was trying to fall asleep. There was also something about questionable food, a bus that hit a buffalo or an elephant or something like that, and a hotel manager who asked him to stop flushing the toilet as the meters were going crazy and the water is just that color and the toilet is indeed flushing. And now I'm thinking of how a few weeks ago I was complaining that I hate travel size toiletries when I should be glad I didn't wake up to a gecko staring at me.

 This is right near where I park my car at work. After weeks of 5 P.M. thunderstorms every single day it was nice to have comfy temps and sunny skies. On Sunday we got eight inches of rain. In one day. One day. And it rained all day again today. I don't even know how we're not all canoeing to work.

 If you follow my page on Facebook you'll know that I started this week with hopes of making a Vera Bradley-esque zip around wristlet. I failed miserably at my first attempt. But as you know, I refuse to be defeated by zippers. Sooooo....pretty much hot off the ironing board is my second (successful) attempt. I can't wait to show you the good, and then the bad and the ugly (the latter is one and the same).

What a slow news week, that's for sure. Here's something for you to ponder, though--in about four months we'll be getting ready for Christmas. That's crazy-town.


  1. If at first, you don't succeed, try and try again! I knew you would get it!!
    : ) Kris

  2. I have to get it right first time or else it's doomed unless I'm testing something for someone and then I have no choice but to persevere. We have those geckos here too. Loads of them, mostly outside in the garden but occasionally they get in the house. They don't bother me as they are scared stiff of us humans and run away like the clappers only problem is that if they get into food they poison it which can kill.

  3. Well now I think the geckos look rather sweet but I'm not sure I'd like to sleep in a room full. We've still got stultifyingly hot sticky weather over here - certainly not condusive to any housework (my excuse!) - a thunderstorm would be soooo welcome! Well done on the wristlet - anyone who can put in a zip is a genius in my book! Jane x

  4. Ooh -- are you going to do a tutorial for the wristlet? It looks fabulous!!!

  5. Bummer on the fabric, I'd never even think to check for that!

    I met a scorpion in my bedroom in France. I was *not* amused...



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