Friday, August 30, 2013

A Few for Friday - #35

Let the long weekend commence! I'm a touch late posting this as I have spent all spare waking moments at my sewing machine working on a single project (what I think is the most difficult bag I've ever made) and didn't realize how quickly the week was scooting along. And here it is Friday and I'm still not done stitching (but I'm just about there). I can't wait to show you this one. Anyway, I did manage to pick up a few snippets throughout the week, so here they are. I know you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for these.

A co-worker of mine went to Europe on vacation. This same co-worker assaults me every morning with a very chipper "Good morning!" that should be accompanied by skipping or some other perky activity (which is all insufferable pre-caffeine). I give an uncaffeinated "hello" in response which is of a perfectly acceptable tone, but doesn't meet the minimum level of perkiness required for this individual. Anyway, in Germany, he went to the above cafe. He had to take a photo after his experience. He went in, chirped "Good morning!" and they gave him such a look of disdain that he thought we could possibly be related. I told him that it was more likely proof that he is annoying on a global level.

This little guy was really moving along! Every time I got my camera phone set he would already have crawled out of the frame. It took me three tries to get this blurry shot. I had read somewhere long ago that if you see an abnormal amount of these it is indicative of a cold winter. We shall see...

I will never be able to pass up a doughnut. 

 I saw this as I was leaving Joann's. I circled the lot to come back to take this. It's from 'Lost' for those of you who didn't watch it. A small piece of me wanted to steal it.

Nice and varied, eh? Now I must eat some pizza (one does need sustenance) and finish that bag. Hopefully I can finish it tonight and have a free weekend. Enjoy yours!


  1. Good luck with the bag!

    I think we Europeans are just generally cynical about overly bright and cheery, especially in Americans, maybe you were born in the wrong country :oD

  2. Your colleague luuuuuuves you. Seriously, I hear wedding bells ;-)



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