Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Few for Friday - #32

You know what irks me? Activia commercials. All I can think about now when I see Jamie Lee Curtis is...number two. I refuse to eat the stuff because she bugs me so much. It's a very simple principle to stick to because I don't like yogurt anyway. Wanna know what I did the other night? I hemmed five pairs of pants in under an hour. That's twelve minutes a pair. Granted, they were khakis and one of the easiest things to hem, but still. I was proud. I was in the store the other day and wanted a Hershey bar. You know what they wanted for it? A dollar and change. How old am I that candy bars used to be fifty cents, and the bump to sixty cents was considered robbery? I remember when postage stamps were a quarter and now they're almost twice that. I. Am. Getting old. Pretty soon I'll have to start acting like a grown-up. But not yet. Because first I have to show you some pictures.

I like red berries. They make me think of Christmas. Especially when I'm sweating while taking the picture. I'm pretty certain these are poisonous, but I have no idea what they are.

I took this of Alicia and Aiden up the mountains. I was snapping deer and there these two were in the window. I love this photo, though if I look at it too long I feel like it's a picture of a weird hostage situation. 

 A criminal act was committed in my house this week. SOMEone decided to mix the Skittles and the M&Ms in the same candy jar. What a terrible snacking experience that is. Thankfully they've been separated and put in their rightful places (the chocolate in our tummies and the Skittles in the jar).

That's great, but where?

 What? How did YOU make soup when you were one? The old adage still rings true--you can buy the kid an expensive toy but he's just going to play with the box.

I am now going to figure out where I'm going since I'm apparently almost there :)


  1. Hilarious post! I love Skittles - happy to take them off your hands! We don't have JLC in yoghurt ads in UK. The ones that drive me mad are when they make up ingredients that are meant to be good for you - and just give them latin names - if you stick 'ium' or 'us' on the end I'm unconvinced it's going to improve my digestive health. I spent 3 years at school studying latin - I don't recall feeling any healthier for it! :)

  2. Oh the anguish! Expecting some scrumptious chocolate and then....fruit. I'm glad everyone survived.

  3. I hate ctivia commercials too. How horroble they use celebs for it in the US. And the whole Activia thing is madness anyway. I mean... plain low fat yoghurt and two apples a day are quite the same and much healthier at that! (I used to work for a large Consumer organisation and know for a fact that most 'health foods' on tv are utter bullocks). Skittles... now I never got those either, Jelly Beans however... YUM!!
    Have a great weekend :-)

  4. I cant stand the activia adverts here in the uk either, they always seem so horribly smug.

    Glad you managed to get the sweet jar sorted out!


  5. You aren't gonna want to know this, but I love Activia!!! That mix up with the Skittles and M & M's was criminal!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Good to know chocolate bar robbery is happening both sides of the Atlantic! I nearly fell over when one of my colleagues told me what he'd just paid for one the other day - since I only only ever buy chocolate for cooking, and that's rather cheaper by weight it would seem, I hadn't noticed! Skittles in the M&Ms though? Things that make you go 'Ewwwww'

  7. I love red berries too... so pretty. That photo of Alicia and Aiden is incredible! And mixing Skittles with M&Ms is just wrong.



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