Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Few for Friday - #46

OK, so have you ever had an irrational fear of, oh, let's say spiders, and then been sitting in your living room where there is a piece of dark fuzz on the carpet that you keep seeing out of the corner of your eye, and every time you see it your heart does twirlies and you feel like you should run, but you look and it's a fuzz, but this keeps happening and God forbid you get up and pick up the stupid fuzz so you spend an evening in a heightened state of fuzz awareness, trying to convince yourself that it could still be a spider? I'm hoping I'm not the only one...and if I am just forget that you read anything, m'kay?

Maybe we should move onto some photos...

Sherbet Pips by lamplight. I have had most of a quilt finished since spring, waiting for its border to be pieced. I finally did that and have the top all finished now. I almost got it basted, but when I laid out the backing it was riddled with pulls and flaws, so I returned that and ordered some online (in gray instead of white, which is what I wanted anyway, so yay, I guess).

 The interesting thing about all these clips holding that new zipper in place is that after I got to about the second one I stopped and took them all off and continued just using my fingers to position everything. What do you mean that's not interesting?

A's treasures from playing outside--a cruddy looking leaf and a stone. Not a rock--a stone, according to him. His vocabulary and pronunciation astound me. I am truly blessed to have two very smart, good-looking nephews (and there's no bias there. None at all).

Got any fun plans this weekend? I'm having dinner tomorrow with a friend who I don't see enough, and then hopefully finishing up putting some edge stitches on a fleece blanket. Then I have to check my list. Busy is better than bored snacking, I suppose. Toodles!


  1. I love reading your Friday ramblings. I love reading them when I've just woken up :-) My plans for the weekend are: getting groceries, cleaning our bedroom and some Tyle Pennington style decluttering of our guestroom (as it's secretly my yarn and fabric storehouse and I think my husband is starting to know...), some crocheting for Syria victims.
    What do you mean, that's not interesting??? ;-)

  2. Have you ever been walking down the road, and see a stick that looks like a snake, and then it IS a snake? True story.
    We are going apple picking - last ones on the trees (Albermarle Pippins)

  3. Oh Bethany, you called me by name -- I can't say I'm afraid of spiders, I am just completely freaked by them as there is nothing so repulsive to me. I have a black dog, and she pulls out little fuzz-balls from time to time. I always have to grab a paper towel before picking them up. If it should move, I'd be out the front door!

  4. I have a hair ball on my hall carpet that scares me like that daily. There's a lot of crap around it though because of the decorating going on in the spare room though, so I couldn't possibly hoover it up...



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