Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Few for Friday - #47

Ahoy ahoy! I have had quite a busy week. I've been parked behind my sewing machine, and I am this close to having my quilt finish. All that's left is trimming, binding, and giving it a wash. I am so excited for this to be done. It is my largest quilt ever and has been patiently waiting for over six months. I would glance over at it and see it folded up and unmoving week after week, patiently sitting there--the guilt will be gone and I will feel like a weight has been lifted. We should all have such ridiculously meaningless problems, eh? Anyway, here are a few snaps I took the past week--

My sister's friend of a gazillion years asked me to put some blanket stitches on some thin fleece so she could have a nice snuggle blanket for her tot. Once I got into the rhythm of it the process was actually kind of soothing and rhythmic. Plus it was chilly and this kept me cozy while I worked my way around the edges.

 I saw this display in Michael's and said "Are you freakin' kidding me?" loud enough to draw stares. First, who does this? Many people, I suppose, as the box was fairly empty. But the freaky part is the photos. Those nails look ridiculously humanesque. I think if the pictures weren't so creepy I would have merely hoped it was non-toxic and moved on. Also--whose dog would sit still for this? I've never known a dog to lay perfectly still while you play with its feet. 

 I spent a whole evening crawling around on the floor putting pins in this sucker. It is heavy!! But almost done. Can't wait!

 This is the side yard of my house. I have a feeling those leaves won't last much longer. So many trees not have that depths-of-winter look. One windy day or rainstorm and they'll all be gone.

Now I must trot off to my aerobics class. I have been trying to behave with my munching and getting to class as the holidays will taunt me with their goodies. I figure if I get into a healthy mindset beforehand the damage might not be so bad. Have a most excellent Friday! And I'm hoping I'll have a quilt to show you very soon :)


  1. Can't wait to see your quilt! We're 300 miles south of you and all our leaves are gone, weather patterns I guess. You've inspired me with your mention of aerobics, think I'll get up and start my Leslie Sansone DVD (but I'd really rather be eating chocolate :) Have a great weekend.


  2. So exciting on the near finishes! For the dugs, that's wrong on so many levels. As for the leaves, I sat in a meeting today, and I swear I saw the tree outside committing suicide, so many bits dropped off it in an hour!



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