Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Tale

At the Easter vigil mass earlier tonight I was reminded of how solemn a holiday Easter is, especially the week preceding the actual celebration. So I decided to share an Easter tale with you to bring some levity to the day. 

It was about fifteen years ago. I weighed a good bit less and looked cuter in a lot more things, one of them being this long olive green skirt that I had that was slightly A-line and fit just right. I wore it to church for Easter mass with the family. On our return home, the sun was hitting the front door (which is all glass) in such a way that it was practically a mirror. So I decided to hitch up my skirt to see how it would look short. I pulled it way up, and turned to face everyone, thinking I'm being funny with my now-scandalously short skirt. I said "Hey guys, what do you think of this?" My dad was the only one who reacted as he was standing behind me, right where the slit was. The slit that was now revealing my rear end to him. My modest father, on Easter Sunday, being partially mooned by his eldest daughter. All he said was "Oh come on now." I had no idea what his problem was until I went upstairs to change. I laughed and laughed, and I'm laughing still as I'm typing this. If he had only gotten the house key ready quicker I wouldn't have had the chance to display how much of a lady I am.

So...uhhhh....Happy Easter!!!


  1. Wishing you and family a wonderful Ester Day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Lol, it's not often you get to flash your dad ;o)

  3. Oops! Sounds like something I would have done about 12 years agor.... although I think my dad would have had a little more to say than that. ;-)

  4. Oh mY!!!!! My dad was very prudish, and i can remember on more than one occasion where he thought my bikini was a tad too skimpy, and he couldn't even look at me. We spent our summers water skiing, and boating, and i was in a bikini all the time. But it bothered my proper Daddy!!! So funny!!1
    xo kris



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