Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Heeeere!!

It's amazing. A little sunshine, a little warmth, and the world wakes up. It's taken a long time to show itself, but spring has sprung. I had big sewing plans this weekend, but the weather was too nice. I felt like I had to be outside doing something, just to soak up some fresh air. I cut out the pieces for a bag I have in the works, and used the need for the adhesive on the interfacing to set as an excuse to go outside. My mother and I scrubbed down and swept off the porch, cleaning the cushions and the railings and all that jazz. We recovered the chairs and my dad put a fresh coat of paint on the frames. No flowers or anything yet, but just having clean or new cushions makes everything look bright and cheerful and relaxing with the freshness of it all.

You know it's spring when the chalk basket gets replenished for little kid (and sometimes big kid) hands.

After all the work bits were done on Sunday afternoon, we sat outside with our mugs of tea and just...sat. Every year I eagerly await the blooming of our neighbor's pear tree. A few days ago there weren't even buds on the trees, but now they're almost fully in bloom.



It kind of blows my mind just how quickly things changed from a week go, and even from day to day. No color, hardly anything on the trees, and now everything is coming back to life in a matter of days.

A perfect little bird landed on a perfect little branch and posed for a perfect little picture...before my camera was ready. When I finally had my business together, it turned and mooned me before flying away.

It was delightful to do outdoorsy things that didn't require layers and snow boots. I knitted seven dishcloths in one week for an order I had, so getting off the couch was the perfect remedy to my getting-sore hands and my already-sore butt. I took the day off of work today to catch up on some sewing and made some good progress. I've got to take my big sewing machine in for service as the shaft has gone and gotten itself a little crooked, so I'm muddling through with my other one. I've definitely become spoiled with all the bells and whistles. I feel inclined to lose my temper over this as this machine purchase did not come without its woes. But my mother has informed me that "These things happen" and I guess she's right. I've done it before and I suppose I can again live with no automatic thread cutter. I wonder if that's enough to get you deemed a martyr...


  1. So nice when the sun and buds and blooms come out. We had horribly strong winds here over the weekend and yesterday, so I fear slightly for the cherry trees in our street, we may not get any blossom :o(

  2. A sign of spring and summer Bethany! I love the yellow chair, it reminds me of home! I guess, Sunday and Monday is a good day! Cool!

    Sebastian of
    Tropical Life Style

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love your chair cushions. Did you make them yourself? The bunny chalk is so cute.
    I hope your boss doesn't read your blog, what will he/she make of you taking the day off to catch up on sewing. LOL



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